Prefer the heavy beats and fast raps of hip-hop? Want to dress the part too? Fubu has the exact things you are looking for. Find out more about Fubu below!


Fubu Philippines: For Us By Us

Fubu Philippines: A History Down Hip-Hop Lane

As an American clothing and hip-hop apparel company, Fubu designs and manufactures every piece of clothing your hip-hop side needs. From sports wear, suit collections, eyewear, belts, casual wear, and shoes, Fubu works it way into the heart of representing how hip-hop should look like--be it gangsta or swag.

Founded in 1992 by Daymond John, J. Alexander Martin, Keith Perrin, and Carlton Brown as a business of hats initially, they sought out to provide men and ladies with headwear that sings class and style. Based in Hollis, Queens, New York and turning half a house into a factory, Fubu was established.

It only took three years running the business until South Korean company called Samsung made investment. The company reached its peak in 1998 as it grossed 350 million dollars in sales worldwide. Fubu had received many awards due to this achievement, namely two Congressional Awards, two NAACP Awards, and the Pratt Institute Award.

In 2003, the company left the US market to invest in overseas market. This led to the company to enroll a wholesome 200 million dollars in revenue. By 2010, the company re-launched itself as FB Legacy.

Fubu Philippines Clothing and Shoes: Getting That Stylish Hip-Hop Look Right

Consisting of t-shirts, rugby shirts, football and hockey jerseys, shoes, baseball caps, and denim jeans, the Fubu collection aims to represent how common styles can incorporate the hip-hop flavor. All of the clothing items are embroidered with the Fubu logo. Through the success of expansion and good marketing, the company has a number of expanded lines that include Plantinum Fubu, Fubu footwear for men and women, active wear, watches, Fubu suits, Fubu tuxedos, and intimate apparels. Popular personnel that prefer the Fubu line of clothing include Muhammad Ali, Fat Albert, and Harlem Globetrotters.

On, you can mainly find two types of clothing from Fubu; crisp and stylish t-shirts and washed-out denim jeans. The t-shirts all have the Fubu logo on them with the exception of the New York line, of which are designed to show words and patterns that represent the New York style. The pants and jeans line from Fubu entail style and crispness. You can find shorts, jogger pants, denim jeans, and also cargo pants to your liking.

Fubu also offers muscle tank tops for men who like to flex and showcase those hard-earned muscles. Polo shirts have also made their way into the clothing line of Fubu--for those who want to look smart but still want to exude the hip-hop style. Also, for women, Fubu has its very own girls sportshirt for those active girls who want to look stylish but also be representative of their active lifestyle.

The Fubu clothing line has a lot to offer. Though sometimes being spoilt for choice is a bad thing, with Fubu, the abundance of style and designs will turn that saying around and leave your styling options clear and open.

Fubu Philippines: Made For Us by Us

The Fubu brand has gone through its own ups-and-downs, very much like many businesses in the market. What makes Fubu a little bit more different from other hip-hop clothing and apparel brands is the way it markets itself. During the rise and peak of its business, Fubu plastered its way onto the clothing worn by popular hip-hop artists and celebrities. There was an advertisement made to market and sell the Fubu brand through the employment of LL Cool J--an influential hip-hop rapper. The advertisement pushed the sales and popularity of the brand into sky-rocketing heights. Furthermore, with the inclusion of the ever legendary and famous Muhammad Ali donning the brand in and out of the boxing ring, you should be well persuaded that the brand made its name and popularity through strong and very influential means.

Expansions and acts of branching out within a company is sometimes a very risky business. For Fubu, it took that leap and succeeded in incorporating the hip-hop flair into common piece of clothing. You can actually get suits, t-shirts, and intimate wear that oozes the hip-hop flavor to give you that stylish look to be in trend.

As such, there is no use in waiting to purchase a clothing item from Fubu. Get it right here on!