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How to Get the Ideal Fuji Xerox Office Printer for Your Needs

Fuji Xerox is a familiar name you can trust when it comes to getting your printing products and supplies. In today's world, printer has been seen as the indispensable appliance you need to have in your home or office. Fuji Xerox printers have been designed precisely to solve your problems. As for the office printer, many still make the same mistake of getting the wrong printer choice. Needless to say, they have to buy another that suits their needs. Withthe right printer, you canexpect seamless productivity and performance in your office operation.Hereis how to get the ideal Fuji Xerox office printer for your needs.

Determine the Printing Needs of Your Printer

Before going to shop for a printer, you should first consider how many documents you are going to make with your printer. In other words, you must determine the printing needs of your printer.For a small office, you can expect limited printing needs. It is more cost-effective to get an all-in-one or multifunctional printer because you do not need to pay for separate printer, fax machine, scanner, and photocopy machine.

Why You Need All-in-One Printer Type

The all-in-one printertypemay not look suitable for dedicated large volume work you can expect from large corporate organization, but it comes with its unique charm: the abilityto print, scan, and copy. Also known as 3-in-1, all-in-one printer combines everything you need in a single design. It becomes a 4-in-one printer when you add a fax machine to it. Until your business or operation expands, the use of an all-in-one printer in a small office is still deemedassufficientbecause you do not expect heavy load fromit.

Well-suited for a variety of tasks, all-in-one printer carries extra features that are helpful in your office. Ifyou are running a large business, there is a high chance of you to copy, fax, or scandocumentsfrequently in the office. Having one will simplify everything because you can do many things with a single machine.

You also need to decide whether to get anA4-only printeror another printer that iscapable of printing in A3 (which are rapidly coming down in size and price). This largelydepends on the type of document of work you and your staff are working on. Among specialfeaturesthat can be useful arerearspecializedmedia feed that can take A3-sized thick card and photo paperor a simplemedia tray that can print on a CD or DVD.With many handy features, it is little wonder that all-in-one printer is suitable for both small and large offices.

WiFiPrinting Capability

A lot of people tends to take aWiFiprinter for granted because they do not expect to use it. However, you will find it incredibly useful when you want to print from tablets, laptops, and smartphones. Most manufacturers offerspecialist apps for printing from smart devices. Despite this, it is best to get aWiFiprinter that is compatible for both AppleAirprintand Google Cloud Print. Thisallowseveryone to print from tablet or smartphone without any issues.

TheseWiFiprinters are generally designed for easy printing of photos from smartphones and tablets. In large offices, they are not suitable to print documents because some of the features are not intended for them. Instead, you can turn toWiFiprinters with cloud-centric features to print your work. Certainmodelscan even log in to OneDrive, Google Drive, Dropbox,Evernoreand others to print any documentsand photos store in the cloud.

Future-Proof Featuresthat offer Value-Added Performance

Whenever it is possible, you should try to look for printers with future-proof features that offer value-added performance in the long run. This will prevent your printer from being obsolete and you can use it for a long time without having to replace it.These days, you can find many printers that contain cloud options for remote printing.

It is a convenient feature because it allows you to control your printer remotely. If you are working away from the office,youcan just use your laptop to print your work via office's printer. For those who need to travel around, it is useful option to have because you do not need to be at your office to print your documents. Some printers now come with features that allow you to scan and send photos and documents to the cloud.

Save Cost

It is definitelya good thing when you can use fewer ink cartridges and sheets of paper. When you make this a habit, it can help to make run-out-of-ink/paper moment less frequent. With a little help from duplex modulator in a printer, you will be able to use double-sided printing to halvethe need for paper by anyone printing only in ink-saving draft formats for proof-reading.While you must get a printer that can take care of at least 250 sheets with its paper tray, you can get the other printer design that comes with extra paper trays to handle more than 150 sheets. This printer is amazing because you now can save paper and ink, especially when printing in two distinct sizes.