Fujidenzo offers some of the best appliances in the Philippines at reasonable prices. Fujidenzo chiller, Fujidenzo gas range, and Fujidenzo refrigerator are sought-after for their impressive specifications and features. Browse the latest Fujidenzo appliances, or find out more about Fujidenzo below!


Fujidenzo Philippines FAQs: Fujidenzo Appliances, Price, Availability, and More!

How much is a Fujidenzo refrigerator in the Philippines?

As of June 2020, the price of a Fujidenzo chiller in the Philippines ranges from ₱ 7,398.00 to ₱ 39,998.00. Fujidenzo refrigerators are available on leading e-marketplaces like Shopee and Lazada.

Fujidenzo Chiller Price Philippines - June 2020

Fujidenzo Chiller for sale



Fujidenzo 3.0 cu.ft Bar Fridge Refrigerator RB-30 MKS (Stainless Steel)

₱ 7,398.00


Fujidenzo Inverter Chest Type Freezer Chiller

₱ 32,990.00


Fujidenzo 7 cu. ft. Two Door Direct Cool Refrigerator RDD-70S (Stainless Look)

₱ 11,798.00


Fujidenzo 7 Cu.Ft. Solid Top Chest Freezer With Glass Cover Inside Fcg-70 Pdf Sl (Silver)

₱ 15,450.00


Fujidenzo RDD-60S 6 cu. ft. Two Door Direct Cool Refrigerator

₱ 10,998.00


Fujidenzo 20 cu. ft. HD Inverter Side by Side Refrigerator ISR-20 SS (Stainless Steel)

₱ 39,998.00


Fujidenzo Chest Type Freezer 4Cuft 5Cuft 7Cuft 9Cuft 11Cuft

₱ 10,990.00


Fujidenzo 10 cu. Ft. Upright Freezer w/ Chiller SUF 100A (Silver)

₱ 21,850.00


Fujidenzo 4 cu. ft. Solid Top Chest Freezers FC-04 ADF (White)

₱ 11,550.00


How to Buy the Right Fujidenzo Refrigerator

With their functionality and aesthetic, Fujidenzo refrigerators add modernity to your kitchen. Here are some tips that would help you choose the right Fujidenzo refrigerator.

  • Budget - The first thing you need to consider when buying a Fujidenzo refrigerator is your budget.
  • Refrigerator size - You should consider the size of the refrigerator and how much you need to fit your lifestyle. If you are living alone, then a fridge with a storage capacity of 18-20 cubic feet would suffice. For families, an average of 26-29 cubic feet refrigerator would definitely be needed.
  • Styles and Finish - Fujidenzo refrigerators have several styles and finish so choose a refrigerator that suits your changing taste.
  • Energy Efficiency - There are Fujidenzo refrigerators that are more energy-efficient than others, so choose one that is energy star-rated which uses 20% less energy than others.
  • Miscellaneous features - Look for other features in refrigerators such as child locks, built-in ice-maker or water dispenser, or even extended warranties.