Choosing the right helmet is easy with GDR Helmets in The Philippines. Take your pick from a wide selection of full face, half face and open face and modular helmets. Find out more here.

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Style. Armor. Aerodynamic. These are all words that describe a biker’s helmet preference. As vital as the wheel is to civilization, so is the helmet to a motorcyclist. We can never be too picky when choosing the ideal helmet. So where and how do we find the perfect helmet in the Philippines? The answer lies with a name that is known throughout the world – GDR.

GDR Helmets best selections

Begin your journey with GDR helmets in the Philippines to get the biggest and safest variety of helmets for any type of biker. Whether you love to feel the wind in your hair or you prefer a masked look while in your element, GDR protective gear are the ones you want to look for. Find out more about GDR helmets in The Philippines with the info below.

With decades of research and development put into the making of every GDR helmet, the company has been creating protective headwear infused with elements of technology. Using carbon fibre to make helmets lighter as well as stronger, GDR brings technology from Moto GP and Formula 1, enhancing each model. Along with strict quality control, these factors make GDR Helmets stand out as a premium brand in motorcycle headwear.

GDR Helmets can be categorized into a few categories which are:

  • GDR Full Face Helmets
  • GDR Modular Helmets
  • GDR Open Face Helmets
  • GDR Half Helmets
  • GDR Off-Road helmets

How to choose the perfect GDR helmet?

The first thing we should consider when looking for a helmet is safety. Safety is measured by how durable the outer shell of the helmet is to withstand an impact, along with the inner layer that absorbs that impact through a soft material. Next, look at the layer of padding lining the inner surface of the helmet. You want to stay comfortable when riding in the open elements. Safety is also measured by the retention system of the chin strap, keeping the helmet secure on your head.

Styling and comfort are the next features you look. Choose from a full-face helmet, half helmet or open face helmet for different types of bikes. To suit sports bikes, you would most likely get full-face helmets. For cruiser bikes, try on half helmets. As for comfort, go for helmets that are soft on the interior padding and fit snug on your head.

Also, check quality and standard of the helmet. You will want a helmet that meets the international ISO9000 benchmark. Thankfully, all GDR helmets meet the international standards set for both safety, performance, and comfort. You can’t go wrong choosing GDR helmets.

Narrow down your choices of GDR Helmets

GDR helmet selection online come in all kinds of styles. You can take you pick from the most epic selections and stand out as you ride through the streets. Conquer adventure and road ahead with helmets that compliment your riding. Here are some options you could look at online:

  • GDR A993-1 Modular Flip-Up/Open Face Motorcycle Helmet
  • GDR 993-1 Motorcycle Helmet
  • GDR 993-1 Monster Motorcycle Helmet Set of 2
  • GDR Motorcycle Helmet Modular (Green)
  • GDR 831 Modular Full Face Helmet (Matte Black)
  • GDR 839 Modular Full Face Double Visor Helmet

For more specific GDR helmets online, check out the GDR automotive page or zero in on motorcycle helmets with GDR motorcycle page.

Get the best from GDR Philippines by shopping online

Your search for the ultimate bike helmet is finally at an end! GDR Philippines gives you the perfect option. Today, you can shop for GDR products and get discounts up to 35% off with the products above. GDR has top selling products like 993-1 Motorcycle Helmet (Grey), Motorcycle Helmet Modular (Black) and A993-1 Modular Flip-Up/Open Face Motorcycle Helmet Connection Number Design (RED) which are a great hit. Made from the best materials and are worth every cent spent, GDR Philippines is a brand you can trust with your life on the road.