Gentle Monster offers some of the best eyecare products in the Philippines at reasonable prices. Gentle Monster shades and glasses are sought after for their style, quality, and UV protection. Browse the latest Gentle monster accessories, or find out more about Gentle Monster Philippines below!

Gentle Monster Eyecare Products

Gentle Monster Philippines FAQs: Gentle Monster Shades Availability, and More!

How do you authenticate a Gentle Monster?

To authenticate a Gentle Monster accessory, it should come with an Authenticity Certificate Card that includes a serial number. This number should be registered at to ensure its authenticity. Gentle Monster currently accepts PayPal and Credit Card payments.

Is Gentle Monster a Korean brand?

Gentle Monster styled as GENTLE MONSTER (Hangeul: 젠틀몬스터) is a Korean brand of sunglasses and optical glasses brand founded by Hankook Kim in Seoul, South Korea in 2011. As of 2020, the company has more than 41 directly operated stores worldwide, including in Korea, the United States, Hong Kong, Singapore, and China.

Products: Sunglasses, Glasses

Founder: Hankook Kim

Headquarters: Seoul, South Korea

Is Gentle Monster made in China?

Acetate frames from Gentle Monster are made in China, while their metal frames are made in Korea.

Who is the owner of Jentle home?

Jennie Kim

Blackpink's Jennie Kim collaborated with Eyewear and Accessories brand, Gentle Monster, and created Jentle Home.

Are Gentle Monster sunglasses unisex?

Gentle Monster sunglasses are designed to be genderless. They fit a whole variety of face shapes since their frames come in bigger and smaller sizes. With the brand’s exceptional in-store service, it’s safe to shop from a variety of unisex styles as long as they fit your face.