Looking for affordable sports shirts? Gildan Philippines offers a wide array of sports clothing and apparel at an affordable price! Browse for your favorite shirt designs below or click here to know more about Gildan Philippines.

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Gildan Philippines - Sports and Statement Shirts at an Affordable Price!

Gildan is world’s largest supplier of branded sports branded family apparel from shirts, socks, underwear, hoisery, shapewear, fleece and sports shirts around the world. Gildan Philippines' mission is to provide “Better value for better design”, creating unique styles, and prints for its wide customer base. Servicing huge markets in Asia, North and South America, and Europe, the brand is known worldwide for providing quality sports clothing at an affordable rate. The brand also has licensing for Under Armour, Mossy Oak and New Balance, which makes them extremely popular for active individuals.

Whether you love our clothing or simply on the hunt for sports statement clothing, you will surely find what you’re looking for with Gildan Philippines. If you are a big fan of football and football teams, then show your support with our newest Gildan shirts for you. We have shirts, sweaters, jackets, and sports wear available online! Click on the links below or scroll up to view the latest products from Gildan Philippines.

About Gildan

Established in 1984 by Glenn and Greg Chamandy, Gildan first started off as a knitting mill in Montreal. Initially manufacturing fabric for the use of Harley Inc. children clothing, Gildan eventually began to manufacture authentic cotton t-shirts to the wholesaler. To provide a better market, these t-shirts will be added with designs and logos by the U.S. and Canadian screen-printers.During 1994, Harley focused mainly on the expansion on what is now known as Gildan Activewear

This well-recognized Gildan Company has a wide range of printwear markets targeted in the U.S. and Canda. Besides that Gildan also distributes its global athletic and lifestyle consumer brands to Latin American, Europe and Asia-Pacific. Gildan ensures that its vertically-integrated and large-scale manufacturing facilities are mainly located in Central America and the Caribbean Basin to promote an efficient and best customers service for the customers in the retail and printwear markets. Providing jobs for over 42,000 employees all over the world, Gildan promises to have the best and leading labour and environmental workplace for its employees.

Why Choose Gildan?

Gildan may seem like any other sportswear brand but the truth is it gives you more than what you can expect from the sportswear brands in the market.

Style – Gildan gives you the sporty and edgy look with its sports clothing. Just because you might sweat during your game, doesn’t mean that you can be less stylish. Gildan keeps you stylish and focused on your game at the same time.

Comfort – With Gildan, you don’t have to choose style over comfort. Gildan’s 100% cotton fabric clothing that emphasizes on air and lightweight clothing is what you need to top your game.

Perform – Comfortable Gildan clothing help you to perform better in your game. When you are comfortable with your surroundings as well as with what you are wearing, you will definitely acquire the confidence to score the goal in your game.

Price – Gildan sportswear is affordable and could be obtained by anyone. Though Gildan provides premium service with their clothing, Gildan makes it a mission to ensure that Gildan clothing are reasonably priced and could be enjoyed by everyone.

Gildan Cares For Our Environment

Gildan is more than just a sportswear brand. It is a brand that gives importance to our environment. This brand is different from the other sportswear brand in the market today because Gildan truly cares for our environment and each product from its company is created in such way to avoid destroying our environment as well as threatening the survival of mankind any further.

Energy – Our world is at risk because of the greenhouse gas emissions and the climate change and these factors are closely related to energy consumption. Gildan uses bunker fuel and biomass to supply heat energy for the purpose of dyeing process. Currently, Gildan has set a goal to ensure that it reduces the intensity level of energy used.

Water – Gildan had no choice but to use a huge amount of water for the dyeing process. This is why Gildan has a dedicated team to come up with research programs which promote water recycling. As a result of this continuous research, Gildan has reduced its water consumption by 4% since 2010.

Emissions – A typical manufacturing company usually emits potential discharges into the environment. However if a company follows a certain policy and procedures, it can reduce the air emissions efficiently. The procedures from the Environmental Management System (EMS) are followed strictly by Gildan to manage these emissions. These procedures prevent any damages caused by the air emissions to the environment.

Waste – Gildan’s ultimate environment aim is to reduce waste production that risks the environmental sustainability. Gildan practices the essential waste prevention measures at each and every stage of the production cycle. A proper waste management from the beginning stage can bring great benefits to us as well as to the environment. The most fundamental mission of Gildan is its waste reduction, resuse and recycling activities.

Biodiversity – The right balance of animal and plants are the key ingredient o a healthy and balanced ecosystem. This will eventually promise a good and secured living environment for human as well. The Environment Management System (EMS) that is practiced by Gildan ensures that for every tree that is chopped down, ten trees are planted in replacement. Every year, Gildan takes part in the reforestation activities conducted in the operation area of the company.

Buy Gildan Now

Sports keep you healthy and fit. No matter how busy our life gets, it is vital to ensure that our body is well maintained. With our iprice online store, you will not have the trouble anymore to find the perfect sportswear for your sports activities. Instead of an exhausting hunt down for jerseys or sportswear at the stores, all you need to do is scroll down out page and pick out your favourite Gildan clothing. With this to make your life easier, now you can spend more time enjoying your sports. Have fun shopping!

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