Watches have been around for a long time and while most of today’s youth resort to using their smartphones to tell the time – you can never go wrong with the classic. For some, it’s a status symbol, some are just used to having it on their wrist daily and some see it as a fashion statement. Whichever your poison, Giordano Timewear has the watch to match.


Tell the time in style with Giordano Timewear Philippines

Tell the time in style with a Giordano Timewear watch! Whether you’re suiting up for the office or making your way through the concrete jungle – it is important to keep to your time. Punctuality is key and now you can proudly show off your watch and keep to your appointments too. This international watch brand carries a selection of trendy, durable and accurate timepieces to suit your personal style.

In this current age that we live in, technology has taken over the world. With just the swipe of your finger, you are able access an endless amount of information in your mobile phone within seconds. You can check up on your mail, update a status on Facebook and Twitter, upload photos on Instagram and even check on the current time. When you have everything with just one touch, wrist watch loses its purpose. But with Giordano, you are not only purchasing a watch for its functionality, but for its timeless style and elegance.

Your perfect time teller by Giordano Philippines

Giordano Timewear is an internationally known watch brand that caters to many consumers all over the world. The brand has its finger on the pulse of watch trends and manufactures designs that will match your individual style. Utilizing durable materials, intricate workmanship as well as playing with colors and design details allows Giordano Timewear to appeal to a variety of consumers with different lifestyle and time-telling needs. This is brand that stays current and isn’t afraid to step up on their watch game.

Giordano's Collections on iPrice Philippines

Giordano Timewear has two major collections namely the Premier Collection and the Giordano Collection that targets different consumers. The Premier Collection features men and women series suitable for office, formal parties, fine dining with your special someone as the collection timepieces are elegantly crafted, classic in design and has functions that will cater to your business needs. Wear the Giordano Men's Grey Leather Strap Watch for your business meetings fellow men and be confident to score that deal with the client. Ladies, pair the Giordano Women's Rose Gold Stainless Steel Band Watch for work, amaze your colleagues and boss with your aspiring and effective proposal for that upcoming business launch. Giordano’s Premier Collection watches are also suitable for your after work parties, business gatherings and company annual dinners, making the collection a perfect fit for ambitious people.

Giordano also has its Giordano Collection that features watches that are suitable for casual wear for both men and women. The collection features leather, stainless steel, silicon and straps made of cloth that comes in various colors for those who are funky and playful in nature. So, no matter what the occasion, Giordano will have a suitable timepiece for you, browse through our shopping gallery for that timeless timepiece and get them at our trusted partners’ website. Giordano is a name that is gaining a large and loyal following everywhere for their effortless style and classy charm. With an eye only for watches, Giordano has designed every timepiece to be distinct and a fashion statement on its own.

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