Do you want to look like a legit skateboarder? This can be made possible with Globe International Philippines apparel and footwear along with some tips to help you achieve your desired style.

Achieving a casual look


Globe International Philippines Skateboard Apparel and Footwear: Tips to Amp Up Your Style

Skateboarding is not just about having a skateboard and knowing how to use it, it’s also about having a sense of style. That’s why professional skateboarders get quality skateboard apparel from brands such as Globe International Philippines. Donning authentic skateboard apparel and accessories not only provides you a sense of ease and completeness but also immersion in the skateboard culture. So, enhance your skateboarding fashion with these following tips.

Achieving a casual look

The “less is more” philosophy is applicable to skateboarding fashion as it is recommended to go for a casual yet stylish look. There’s no need to splurge money and embellish your outfit with shiny accessories unless you are a hip-hop or punk skater. To achieve a great skateboarding style without looking like you are trying too hard, you can mix a few casual gear with skateboarding apparel. Wear Globe hoodies on your head with a striped t-shirt, along with a simple yet elegant Globe Goodstock jeans, and you are good to go.

Showing off a punk side

Unlike the casual look, a punk skater fashion not only relies on the style but also on the skateboarder’s attitude. Punk skaters should be daring, confident, and edgy. Not to mention, they are known for their preference in rock, alternative, or punk music. So, here are other recommendations to help you achieve that punk skater look.

Wear tees with stark colors

A classic punk skater style commonly incorporates violet, red, and black colors like images of skulls and blood. Such colors for t-shirts will definitely work, but you can set your own style. So, be creative with your apparel. Aside from t-shirts, you can wear Globe tanks as they look edgy and allow you to show off your tattoos.

Go for tight jeans

Go for a pair of black tight jeans as it a standard for modern punk skateboarders. Do not just choose any jeans, but pick a pair that has enough elasticity in the fabric so you can still execute your stunts. However, if you prefer shorts, then you can go for knee-length and baggy ones. Black shorts will work along with any comfortable clothing to give you great flexibility and range of movement.

Choose shoes with a decent grip

For the shoes, you can just wear any pair of Globe skateboarding shoes as long as they have a flat sole and decent grip. However, just like the rule of thumb in punk skater apparel, stick to stark or neutral colors such as black or dark gray.

Adorn yourself with accessories and tattoos

To be a complete punk skater, you should wear some accessories like spiked belts and earrings to achieve that edgy look. Not to mention, punk skaters would not stand out if not for their tattoos, so if you want to go for this style, consider getting a tattoo.

Sporting Hash or Rasta style

Rasta skaters are generally known for their “I don’t care about anything” attitude. This is because they wear clothes that have a grungy or dirty appearance. They don’t care about the approval of others so they can wear just about anything they want, though they also have their own signature look.

Incorporate Rasta colors

In order not to be tagged as a casual or any other skateboarder, hash skaters will incorporate green, red, and yellow (the staple colors in Rastafari culture) in their outfit. Go for a Globe beanie and canvas pants with such color options.

Grow some facial hair

What makes Rasta skaters look grungy is their scruffy beard that usually looks unkempt. They also get dreadlocks to sport a legit hash look. So, if you want to go for this kind of style, then grow out some facial hair or get dreadlocks.

2 Rules of Thumb for Skateboard Footwear and Apparel

Pick comfortable and durable clothing

It’s essential to choose non-restrictive apparel so that you can perform skateboarding tricks better. Aside from that, you also need to consider durability as the clothing is expected to go through a lot of fading, twisting, and tearing. This kind of apparel goes in handy when performing extreme stunts as you can move easily and give you a lot of flexibility and at the same time preserve its condition. Globe International Philippines offer such durable garments that provide oodles of flexibility and comfort to the wearer, perfect for difficult skateboarding tricks and stunts.

Choose flexible, flat-soled shoes with impressive grip

To avoid skateboarding stunts or tricks to go horribly wrong and end up in an emergency room, it’s important to buy the right shoes. These shoes should have enough grip so you could slide off the rails right in the middle of a stunt. They should also be flexible and have flat soles just like Globe Tilt Skateboard shoes. These shoes are made with a breathable fabric with leather and synthetic edges for improved durability and flexibility. So, step up your skateboarding game with these tilt shoes from Globe International Philippines.