Offering full range of photo equipment for a variety of tasks and needs, Godox proudly stands out as the brand that values usability and affordability. Read more about Godox Philippines here.

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Godox TT600 ₱ 2,800.00 Shopee
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Godox SK400 ₱ 2,650.00 LazMall by Lazada
Godox TT520II ₱ 1,732.00 Shopee
Godox TT685N ₱ 4,490.00 Shopee
Godox SK300 ₱ 2,800.00 LazMall by Lazada
Godox TT350S ₱ 2,922.00 Shopee
Godox TT685S ₱ 3,900.00 Shopee
Godox TT685C ₱ 4,100.00 Lazada
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Godox TT600

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Godox Philippines - Leading The World Of Photography With Its Master Crafted Products

As the proud photo equipment manufacturer that is based in China, Godox continues to design and market photo equipment that proves to be a great blessing to its customers who instantly took liking to its products. In addition, Godox actually boasts full range of photo equipment that include video lightd, studio lights, portable lights, power packs, macro lights, camera flashes and numerous essential accessories.

Aside from its master crafted products that receive full attention from Godox itself in terms of usability and affordability, Godox backs its products with a strong tradition of reliability and strength when it comes to customer support and service. Thanks to such awesome combinations of products and services, people begin to recognize its value as the brand that can make the real difference in their line of work or hobby. Hence, Godox possesses solid credentials that you can trust in transforming your works as true masterpieces.

About Godox Philippines & Its Journey Of Becoming The Leading Brand

Since its inception in 2003, Godox has been making its mark in the competitive market that is full of photo equipment manufacturers. Such achievement has been considered as an amazing feat as it can be really difficult in pushing brand new products when people have yet to know the effectiveness of these products, let alone their names. However, Godox did make its presence to be known even in this increasingly saturated industry. Needless to say, its products are simply amazing as professionals and enthusiasts alike can testify about how Godox products are the ones that can bring their visions into reality.

While Godox was establised in 2003, its history actually went as far as 1993. It has its origin in Jinriniu factory that started its operation in manufacturing AC slave flash at that year. For more than a decade, this factory constantly produced other products as well. In order to keep up with growing demands, it eventually built another subsidiary factory that was designed for plastic injection purpose in 2007. A year later, that subsidiary factory boasted its own in-mould housing that cemented its status as the dedicated manufacturing facility. In 2009, it founded a dedicated photo fabric accessories factory in the city of Meizhou. At the same year, it took the game-changing moment of renaming itself as Godox Photo Equipment Co Ltd; it was a sign of great things to come.

In 2010, Godox made the ambitious move of moving to a new building as well as setting up Shenzhen Xuanronghai Technology Co Ltd that offered significant effort in augmenting its overall operation and strategy. At the same time, Godox also built its own sales and service center as well as hardware processng center for hardware development and tripod manufacturing. These additional facilities proved to be valuable as they played the crucial role in supporting the exponential growth that Godox enjoyed from its products. Hence, Godox stands as one of the leading brands in the world of photography with its master crafted products.

Why You Should Choose Godox Philippines

It is the goal of Godox in bringing you high quality products at affordable prices. At the same time, Godox also builds products that you can trust as all of them are simply durable that you do not have to change them frequently in the long run. Since durability is not an issue, another important aspect of Godox is its reliability. Godox acquires such well-earned reputation when its products are able to deliver solid performance that enable people to accomplish their tasks with relative ease. Not just that, Godox products are the epitome of consistency as all of them perform well according to your expectations. When it comes to quality, Godox products are simply top-notch because they have been designed with the emphasis on bringing the visions of its users into reality.

Popular Godox Philippines Products - The Best Choice You Can Find

Studio Flash

Among all Godox studio flash products, the Godox QTII series is the most popular series of all. The Godox QTII series is not your typical studio flash product as it is high speed flash that boasts many amazing features when compare with its predecessor. It houses built-in Godox 2.4G wireless X system that provides smooth wireless control and high-speed flash. This built-in feature gives you the ability to control multiple Godox flashes remotely (up to 16 groups and 32 channels). At the same time, it offers fast speed and multi-freeze performance that enables you capture a series of perfect moments in just a second. In other words, it is really handy when you are doing advertisement, fashion, portrait, wedding and others.

Macro Light

While there is a ton of macro light products that you can use for a variety of tasks, Godox Macro Ring Flash ML-150 proves to be very versatile. It is designed to be used with all DSLR cameras with standard hot shoe mounting point. As the obvious choice for photographers that capture hobby, forensic, medical, scientific and macro photography, this Godox product delivers the much-needed shadow-free illumination in making your work to be true work of art. Amazingly, it also offers protection in continuous flashes as well as over-temperature protection. In addition, it accepts external power pack that proves to be useful in shortening the recycling time and enhancing flash capacity at the same time.

Let Godox Philippines Be Your Champion & Companion In Unleashing Your Talent

Providing full range of photo equipment products that cater to your needs, Godox takes great care in making sure that its products always give out 110% when you are using them. Moreover, you will not face challenges as they are able to bring your art to life. If you are looking for the latest Godox products, you should take a look at Godox accessories.