From a little street in Makati to the City of Angels, everyone in the Philippines can enjoy scrumptious treats from Goldilocks. Learn why Goldilocks is one of the most popular bakery chains in the Philippines.


Goldilocks Cake Price FAQs: Goldilocks Menu, Availability, and More!

Goldilocks is a 50-year-old, internationally recognized bakeshop from the Philippines. Goldilocks’ menu has a wide range, offering traditional cakes to local sweet delicacies. All of them are surely fan favorites and their customers span over many generations. No Filipino birthday parties are complete without a Goldilocks birthday cake and no tea time is complete without their mocha rolls, polvoron, and ensaimada. Here are answers to the most frequently asked questions about Goldilocks groceries in the Philippines.

Can I order Goldilocks online?

You can order Goldilocks cakes and other products online via Goldilocks Padala. It is an online ordering platform of Goldilocks products for all Filipinos working abroad. Be sure to sign up for a Goldilocks Padala account to serve your needs, wants, and be given a more personalized level of service.

What are the products of Goldilocks?

Birthday cakes, brownies, and rolls are western-based desserts that Goldilocks tries to emulate. Even so, they offer local desserts that are perhaps more suitable for the Filipino palate. Below are just some of the local sweet delicacies that Goldilocks sell.

  1. Brazo de Mercedes - The brazo de mercedes rolls are different than the typical rolls. Usually, they are made with soft meringue and filled with rich custard.
  2. Polvoron - This dessert snack is made from toasted flour, powdered milk, sugar, and butter. In a nutshell, they are a very crumbly version of the traditional shortbread.
  3. Ensaimada - This sweet bread derived from the Spanish Ensaïmada. It’s usually topped with butter, sugar, or lots and lots of grated cheese. They are similar to sponge cakes or chiffon cakes. Although, they are packed individually into single-serving portions.
  4. Leche flan - Heavier than the Spanish counterpart, leche flan is made with condensed milk and more egg yolks.
  5. Classic puto - They are steamed rice cakes shaped into balls. Classic puto is the perfect side dish to complement any Filipino meals.
  6. Cassava with macapuno - This dessert is made from freshly ground cassava and coconut milk, topped with soft young coconut flakes and grated cheese.

How to recreate Goldilocks cakes?

Goldilocks book is now available for purchase. The baking book has recipes for all of their best-selling cakes. One recipe is for their decadent triple layer cake and to recreate it, you can follow the easy steps below.

What you need:

1 Vanilla, mocha, and chocolate chiffon cake

½ cup of vanilla butter icing

4 cups of chocolate frosting

What to do:

  1. Slice all the chiffon cakes into equal squares. You can use a cutter or a serrated knife for this step.
  2. Ice all the chocolate cakes with the chocolate frosting and do the same with the vanilla cakes and vanilla butter icing.
  3. Stack all the cakes together, putting the mocha cake on the very top.
  4. Ice the whole cake with more chocolate frosting and serve.

To make the vanilla, chocolate, and mocha cakes, you can get them at the Goldilocks bakery, through the Goldilocks online delivery or you can purchase the book and make your own chiffon cakes.

How does Goldilocks make their picture cakes?

What better way to celebrate than having your face on your cake? Goldilocks sell customizable cakes that can put your favorite pictures onto your cakes. After sending in your pictures, the bakers at Goldilocks will use edible ink and a clean printer to print out your picture on an edible paper. They will crop it depending on the cake size and then place it on top of the cake. The paper will instantly stick to the icing and bakers can even add decorations around the paper.

Can I have Goldilocks Cakes when I’m on a diet?

Why not? Since Goldilocks cakes use fresh ingredients, you don’t have to worry about all the chemicals that come with processed junk food. But consuming too much of that butter and sugar can have negative side effects so it’s important to eat your Goldilocks’ cakes mindfully. To eat more mindfully, try cutting down the portions of your dessert. The single-serving Goldilocks’ caramel tarts, muffins, cakestix, or individual cake slices are great substitutes for the bigger cakes. This way, you can get a sense of fulfillment with just one serving and you won’t feel the need to get seconds. Other than cutting down portions, you can try to chew more and enjoy every single bite. Take note of all the flavors and spices you can taste. Pay attention to the texture, the aroma, and the overall taste. Don’t rush when you’re eating Goldilocks’ desserts because afterwards, you will crave for more and grab a second serving.

Perhaps, as a substitute, you can try Goldilocks’ bread from the Healthtinapay collection. They offer wheat bread, raisin bread, dinner rolls, monay, and classic pandesal made with the healthiest ingredients. This type of bread contains Vitamin A, Omega-3, and has no trans-fat or cholesterol. Nevertheless, even with all these tips, you still need to watch what you eat and exercise more. If you eat cleanly throughout the day, you can reward yourself with a little piece of Goldilocks’ cakes and desserts. This way, you can enjoy and appreciate more what Goldilocks has to offer.

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