You have heard about how awesome GoPro cameras are. Now, you should get other GoPro camera and photo products in order to enjoy a complete GoPro experience. With these amazing products, you will have a real blast! Read more about GoPro camera and photo products in the Philippines here below to find out.


Top GoPro Camera and Photo Price List 2021

Top 10 products Price Store
GoPro HERO7 Black ₱ 12,795.00 Amazon
GoPro HERO5 Black ₱ 11,753.00 LazMall by Lazada
GoPro HERO7 Silver ₱ 13,884.00 Lazada
GoPro HERO6 ₱ 21,789.00 Galleon
GoPro HERO3 Plus ₱ 6,191.00 Shopee
GoPro HERO7 White ₱ 14,734.95 Amazon
GoPro HERO4 Silver ₱ 22,922.00 Galleon
GoPro Fusion ₱ 10,441.11 Lazada
GoPro HERO9 ₱ 10,832.00 Shopee
GoPro HERO5 Session ₱ 58,008.00 Galleon
Most Popular
GoPro HERO7 Black

Cheapest at Amazon ₱ 12,795.00 ₱ 14,154.00 Go to Shop

How to Enjoy A Complete GoPro Experience with GoPro Camera & Photo Products

If you want to celebrate your life to the fullest, GoPro is your advocate of bringing your best moments to the whole world. The powerful GoPro products live up to their reputation when it comes to recording your epic adventure beautifully. However, there are lots of GoPro products that can make you spoilt for choices. This is a guide that teaches you how to enjoy a complete GoPro experience with GoPro camera and photo products.

GoPro Camera & Accessories

GoPro is proud to deliver a wide range of products that help you to achieve your goals. These GoPro camera and accessories are important in capturing the complete experience of your journey. Here are some of them which are vital to redefine the art and science of recording the action.

GoPro Chesty Chest Harness

From its name, it is obvious that it is a basic GoPro chestharness to mount your action camera. Deliveringan ultra-immersive view of action better than other products, the GoPro Chesty Chest Harness is a handy tool that is perfect for mountain biking,motocross, paddle sports, and skiing. From riding to hardcore ATV action, the GoPro Chesty Chest Harness is your dedicated witness to your epic journey.

When there is no exact words to describe your adventure, the GoPro Chesty Chest Harness is your chronicler.It is an awesome product which enables you to capture your finest moments up-close without any compromise. Your viewerswill be mesmerized by your personal experience of overcoming the challenges and other elements.

Completely adjustable, you can easily fit it with a wide range of adult sizes. One of the best things about this GoPro Chesty Chest Harness is that it is fully compatible with any GoPro cameras. In other words, you do not need to worry when it comes to mounting your GoPro camera on it.

GoPro Dual Battery Charger

With this GoPro Dual Battery Charger, you can upgrade your charging capabilities. It can be used to conveniently charge two GoPro lithium-ion batteries simultaneously. As it features USB compatibility, it can be powered with most standard USB chargers, computer or GoPro wall/auto charger. This USB-powered battery charger is also equipped with dual LED indicators that display the charging status of both batteries. In terms of compatibility, it is compatible withGoPro Hero3 and GoPro Hero3+ batteries.

GoPro Carrying Case

This medium-sized GoPro Carrying Case is suitable to store and carry your gear such as an extra battery, SD memory cards, housing backdoors, cables, accessories, and battery packs. It comes with extra padding to protect your prized possessions. At the same time,itswell-placed compartments make it easier for you to organize your items. Ideal for carrying your gear wherever you go, the GoPro Carrying Case is extremely portable to serve your needs.

GoPro Remo

TheGoPRoRemo is a waterproof voice-activated remote for GoPro Hero5 Black and GoProHero5 Session. All you need to do isto clip it to your clothes or strap it to your wrist or gear. Amazingly, the GoPro Remo enhances the voice control of your GoPro Hero5 camera in windy and noisy environments. Alternatively, you can use itas a one-button remote from up to 33 feet (10m) away. This GoPro product is also waterproof up to 16 feet (5m).