Batteries are one of the most versatile and reliable ways to produce electric energy today and are the main sources of power for many devices today. GP Batteries produces high quality battery products of all sorts. Read more about GP and the battery products that they produce below.

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GP Batteries – Producing Reliable Batteries for Continuous Performance

More than two centuries ago, Alessandro Volta invented the first battery. Ever since then, much work and innovation has been done on Volta’s initial design and batteries today are compact yet able to work as a common power source for many household and industrial appliances and devices.

Usage of Batteries in Today’s World

In this modern world that we are living in today, many devices operate using electrical energy. To enable these devices to operate more effectively, batteries – which are portable energy sources, produce continuous electrical energy to these devices. Basically, commercial batteries that are available in the market today are categorized into two main types, known as primary and secondary batteries. Primary batteries are disposable batteries designed for one-time used only and then disposed or discarded after it can no longer produce electrical energy. On the other hand, secondary batteries are rechargeable ones that are designated to be reused multiple times by recharging them whenever they are unable to produce electrical energy.

The widespread usage of batteries is apparent in many devices today, such as in digital cameras, laptops, smart phones, MP4 players, and many other electric-reliant devices. The utilization of batteries enables these devices to operate continuously, while providing much needed mobility and portability – making our life much easier as they can operate without being attached to static power sources such as electric sockets. Can you imagine how troublesome and inconvenient our life will be if we can only use these devices when they can be powered by an electrical socket? Hence, many products today are designed to incorporate the usage of batteries as main power sources as they are practical choices for mobility and efficiency, especially when it comes to power outages or when electrical outlets are inaccessible.

Hence, reliable batteries are important not only to ensure that your devices have sufficient continuous power to continue operating at optimum levels, but also to ensure your devices’ durability. Low quality batteries are still able to provide electrical energy to power the devices but they leak and break easily, which is dangerous to the users because they cause the device to malfunction and might spark fires and cause explosions to happen. This is where GP Batteries come in – they produce reliable high-quality primary and rechargeable batteries for commercial and industrial uses.

More About GP Batteries

Since 1991, GP Batteries has been enlisted on the Mainboard of the Singapore Exchange Securities Trading Limited. Their principal business is specializing in developing, manufacturing and distributing batteries and battery related products. GP Batteries has expanded to become one of the largest suppliers or primary and secondary batteries in the world. It has stamped its mark in China – as one of the largest manufacturers of consumer batteries in the country. GP Batteries proudly supplies its extensive range of battery products to many merchants and retailers, namely original equipment manufacturers, leading battery companies and also consumer retail markets under its own distinguished GP brand name.

In order to cater to the global demand of their products, GP Batteries have production facilities located in Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, China and Taiwan, which are supported by marketing and trading offices that span across Asia, Europe and North America. From their humble roots in Hong Kong to now being an internationally-recognized brand, GP Batteries have definitely established a steady footing in the global scene as producers of high-quality batteries for all uses.

GP Batteries Products

GP Batteries produces multiple types of high-performance batteries for their consumers, to cater to different needs. GP Batteries is dedicated to produce compelling power solutions that are high performance, yet cost-efficient and eco-friendly at the same time. Some of the more prominent types in GP Batteries product line are highlighted below:

  • Primary Batteries

GP Batteries produces high performance primary batteries for everyday usage, across the range of commercial batteries types – AA, AAA, C, D and 9V. The batteries are one-time use batteries, but they give sufficient power to guarantee optimal performance for your devices.

  • Rechargeable Batteries

This is the range of batteries that played a big part in making GP Batteries a global name. Their rechargeable batteries provide the same power outputs as their primary battery counterparts with an added advantage – they are rechargeable, meaning that they can be reused once their power output has depleted. These batteries are a very good long-term investment for individuals who use many power-hungry devices, as they need not replace their batteries constantly which can incur quite a high cost.

  • Specialty Batteries

This range of batteries is also part of GP Batteries core products. Specialty batteries are batteries that are usually used for specific devices, such as for calculators, digital watches, car alarms, et cetera. These batteries are versatile and can accommodate most of the products that require specialty batteries in the market nowadays.

Enrich your life by ensuring that your electronic devices are powered by high quality batteries produced by GP Batteries. Browse through iPrice Philippines’s dedicated GP Batteries page to gain access to GP Batteries’ products.