Gucci is known not only for their bags and leather goods but their footwear as well. Everyone from streetwear-loving millennials to luxury fashion enthusiasts are crazy for Gucci shoes and its iconic designs. Read the article here to find out which popular Gucci shoes you should add to your footwear collection. You can also find Gucci shoes for men and women.


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The Most Popular Gucci Shoes in the Philippines You Need in Your Wardrobe

Gucci has been labeled as one of the top luxury brands in the world ever since its conception in 1921. That’s why current creative director Alessandro Michele thought it’s fitting to revamp their collection and focus more on ready-to-wear pieces. Among those pieces are the Gucci shoes, designed to follow the recent trends and create their own imprint in the fashion industry at the same time. Here are some of the most popular Gucci shoes that rose to prominence after Michele took over Gucci.

Gucci Sneakers

Millennials love the new Gucci sneakers, especially those that are embroidered with unique designs. Since classic white sneakers are on the rise, Gucci sneakers provide an alternative for those who seek a more luxurious footwear. If you prefer something more extravagant than the classic white sneakers and the embroidered design, Gucci also has sneakers with prints, patches, fur, and other embellishments.

Gucci Loafers

If you’re looking for something a tad more formal yet still retains its comfort, Gucci loafers are your new best friends. The classic black leather loafers are decorated with a single golden Horsebit detail and this becomes the signature of all Gucci loafers. There are two kinds of Gucci loafers that have become fan favorites over the years: the Princetown and the Jordaan. Although the two are quite similar, the former has an open back and is unsuitable for a more formal setting.

Gucci Slippers

Gucci slippers, also known as Gucci sliders, are simplistic yet elegant. The Gucci sliders all have a classic black leather sole but their toe coverings vary in colors, designs, and materials. The classic Gucci sliders have the iconic three-colored stripes but there are other versions of the slides that are available today. For example, there is the Velvet Slide Sandal with Embroidery, Web Slides with Crystals, GG Supreme Slides with Pearls, and the GG Bloom Supreme Slide Sandal.

Gucci Sandals

A sandal can refer to many types of shoes but in Gucci’s case, it refers to strappy heels, wedges, and thongs. Gucci sandals come in an array of style and designs which can cater all of your preferences. They have leather block heels with the GG monogram, platform sandals with the iconic three-colored stripes, embroidered thongs, bedazzled wedges, and more. Gucci also has simpler heeled sandals as well as unique designs like the patent leather sandal with removable socks.

Gucci Boots

Boots from Gucci range from loud and bold embroidered combat boots to feminine knee-high boots with the signature Gucci patterns. The Gucci combat boots are especially unique; the platform boots have a bold silhouette but balanced with fun and feminine embellishments. Some would be decorated with solid-colored laces, three-colored stripe laces, or fur within the interior lining of the boots.