“The iron never lies to you. The iron will always kick you the real deal” – Henry Rollins. The rock musician, writer, and fitness coach preaches about iron. The same can be said about iron dumbbells. Find out three best workouts to do with iron dumbbells here.


3 Workouts you can do with iron dumbbells

When we think of iron dumbbells we think of upper body workouts. We imagine buff, ripped dudes with a huge chest and bulging biceps. Our perception of dumbbells is definitely skewed thanks to the media and how it portrays dumbbell workouts.

Dumbbells are some of the most versatile workout equipment. Thanks to a unique design and a wide variety of weight range, the dumbbell allows for a plethora exercises. From resistance training to cardio, you can use dumbbells in each. Dumbbells are so useful, trainers tend to get you started on them as part of your introductory exercises. Out of all the dumbbells in the gym, iron dumbbells are the best. Let’s look at three workouts you can do with iron dumbbells.

Side note: Always remember to stretch thoroughly before doing any of these workouts.

Bicep curls

As you may have guessed, we will start with the most basic of the dumbbell workouts – the Bicep Curl. Bicep curls are simple exercises that workout your biceps and possibly triceps and chest with variations. Start by holding the individual dumbbells with palms facing outward. Keep your hands flush with the sides of your shoulders. Now bring your dumbbells up to your chest, all the while aligned to your shoulder width. Do 8-10 reps for each set. The quicker you do each set, the faster you burn fat. If you’re looking to build muscle, go slower and feel the pull. Bicep curls should be done standing.

Weighted lunges

Here you will get some lower body movement. Once again, hold your dumbbells by your side. Be sure your posture is straight, feet together. Now step forward with your right leg until you make a 90o angle with your knee. Then bend while keeping your upper body in an upright posture. Now go back to your original position and repeat the process with your left leg. Do sets of 8 reps each. It is vital to keep your form in terms of posture, how far your lunge, and how deep you bend. This awesome combination of movements works out your thighs, glutes, calves, and arms.

Weighted calve-raises

Much like lunges, weighted calve raises require you to keep your hands by your side while grasping the dumbbells. Be sure to choose a weight that is not too heavy. For a start, go with a weight of 2.5-5kg. This will allow your weight to be balanced out while you conduct this workout.

Find a raised area (you can use a step/stairs or a brick). Plant the front of your feet on the raised area, keep your feet leveled. Now dip your heel all the way down, hold for 3 seconds, and come back up. If you find yourself losing balance, try to look forward and focus on something stagnant. This will keep your posture straight and weight balanced.

A variation to this incredible exercise would be to use one leg instead of two. Calve-raises are particularly useful for those who want bigger and stronger calve muscles. Stronger calve muscles reduce strain on the ankle, heel, and knee.

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