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The Flexibility of Dumbbell sets

Dumbbells sets are the most popular gym equipment known to the world. Hit any gym and you will find the weights rack is packed with buff, built dudes. Unfortunately, not all of us like gyms. If you don’t like going to the gym, fret not! Simply get your own dumbbell sets. Choosing your dumbbell sets allows you to customize your workout at the same time giving you a sense of owning your physical fitness. So what types of dumbbell sets should you get? Let’s look at how you can choose a dumbbell set based on what type of physique you want.

What’s your workout?

Before choosing a dumbbell set it’s important to know what type of workout you want to do. breaking it down, what type of workout you do depends on what type of body you want. We need to state beforehand that workouts will defer for both men and women. Generally, men’s workouts involve a heavier weight category. While women may use the same types of dumbbells as men, those who want a slim look will usually go for sets that are lighter.

Types of dumbbell sets

Now that you know your type of workout, you need to know what your options are. Dumbbell sets generally are made to cater to your workout. So it would be good to ask your personal trainer or gym buddy what is best for you. If you don’t have that option, here are some options you might want to look into:

  • Vinyl dumbbell sets
  • Interchangeable dumbbell sets
  • Steel dumbbell sets
  • Free-form weights sets

Dumbbell sets for cardio

Did you know that you can pair dumbbells with your cardio? Explode into your cardio sessions by adding a set of dumbbells. The easiest way to do this is to use “sissy weights”. Sissy weights are usually vinyl dumbbells, but it could also be any type of dumbbells that are light. We’re talking light as in 1 - 4kg in weight. You may laugh at the comical nature of these weights, but the truth is, they add resistance to your cardio, giving you a great option for a fulfilling workout.

Customizable dumbbell sets

Why have one when you can have five? That’s the concept behind interchangeable dumbbell sets. Adjustable dumbbell sets usually come with customizable weights. What this means is simply that you can add or remove weight on your dumbbells based on what type of workout you want.

If you want to pack on muscle and look big, you will want to use more weight with slower reps. If it’s the slim, toned look you are going for, remove the heavier weights and go for fast-paced reps, rotating your bicep curls, hand extensions and so on. Interchangeable dumbbell sets are versatile and can be brought with you along on your road trips too.

Some warnings

While we are in our element going at it hard, we might tend to get carried away with our weightlifting. It’s important to remember to take care of our weights. Remember not to drop your weights on the floor after a vicious pump. Dropping your weights will, in the long run, damage your dumbbells and of course, your flooring. Also remember to clean your dumbbells from time to time as sweat, dust, and grime could accumulate on them.

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