It’s time to get fit with some amazing gym equipment. Instead of using the large gym machines, why not try these selected alternative gym equipment in the Philippines here.

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Alternative gym equipment you must have

Let’s get fit!

You know what’s cool? Having a set of 6-pack abs. You know what’s cooler? Having fun while building and maintaining your physique. This is not an easy feat, but it is entirely achievable using alternative gym equipment. So what are alternative gym equipment and how do use them to get fit? If these questions are in your head, you probably are someone who wants to get fit without hating your workout routine. Well, you’re in luck. We’ve got a few alternative gym equipment that's available in the Philippines and you can get a hold of easily. Here are three.

Jump rope

Rewind the years back to the 1990s and we find the excitement of skipping rope a thrilling exercise. Although many didn’t think of it as exercise, jumping rope or ‘skipping rope’ as it’s commonly called, is one of the best full-body cardio workouts. Thanks to a fast-paced jumping and eye-leg coordination, you improve your reflexes and are able to hone in your speed and agility.

In today’s world, jumping rope is recommended as part of the routine for those who want to be fit. Particularly for Hollywood celebrities, jump rope routines are integrated into their workouts to give a boost in their metabolism.

Yoga ball

Now we move on to the thing that looks like a HUGE beach ball. The yoga ball. Ultimately the most fun and out-of-place piece of equipment in the gym that we can, the yoga ball comes in vivid colours of blue, purple, red, silver, and yellow. Made of synthetic rubber and vinyl, the yoga ball is large and stretchable. Made to withstand your weight, these balls are perfect for enhancing your balance and working out your core. One way to exercise using the yoga ball would be to lay on it while facing upward and your legs on the ground with a 90o angle and doing crunches. You could also plank and use it as a base.

Punching bag

Get ready to let out your stress on a huge punching bag. If you have pent up anger, anger issues, stress, or are simply in a bad mood, take it out on a punching bag. The beauty of a punching bag is the ability go all out to release your stress and strong inner feelings of rage and fury on the bag. The bag will give you as much feedback as a leather-wrapped bag of sand.

When punching and kicking a punching bag, it is important to have the right form, speed, and finesse. If you are training to get ready for MMA or martial arts competitions, a punching bag is the ultimate sparring opponent. Punching bags come in a few sizes. Choose a size that fits you and your workout area. The size difference is because some are only meant for punches while others are meant for both punching and kicking.

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