Heading to the gym? Make sure you have a towel, your gym membership, and a pair of workout gloves with you! If you’re a frequent gym goer and weight lifter, you might be wondering if you should get yourself a pair of workout gloves. Find out if you should by scrolling down or clicking here!

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The Pros and Cons of Wearing Workout Gloves

Workout gloves are usually worn by weightlifters and many of them are fingerless gloves. Interestingly, the weightlifting and exercise world is greatly divided when it comes to whether or not workout gloves are truly a necessity. Some are of the opinion that wearing them makes no difference either way, while others won’t work out without them. As it stands, there are both advantages and disadvantages to wearing workout hand gloves, both sides of which will be explored here.

The Pros of Wearing Workout Gloves

There are numerous benefits to wearing workout gloves when weight-lifting. Here are some of the biggest reasons people as to why most prefer wearing them.


Wearing weightlifting gloves can improve your grip, especially when using weights and pull-up bars. With gloves on, you can lift weights without worry as there’ll be less risk of your sweaty palms causing you to lose your grip when lifting heavy weights.

Wrist Support

Good glove brands will have straps that secure around your wrist, which also gives you some wrist support. Not only does it look good, it’ll also help prevent any wrist injuries by giving extra support to your wrist and stopping it from bending the wrong directions. You would be surprised at how much difference a mere Velcro strap wrapped tightly around your wrist can have.


Some believe that wearing gloves will prevent the forming of calluses and blisters. A single blister, small as they are, is still painful and can put a weightlifter out of commission for days. Another main reason to wear gloves is to avoid calluses, which many agree to be not all that attractive either.

Increased Lift

The wrist strap does more than just look good, it also helps to increase your lifting by distributing the weight throughout your arms. Instead of having the weight bear down on just your fingers, the wrist strap helps to even it across the rest of your forearms, therefore letting you lift way more than normal.

The Cons of Wearing Workout Gloves

With all of the benefits of wearing workout gloves, it also has a few drawbacks that might put you off on getting your own pair. Here are some causes as to why people would forgo them.


Not a big a problem as others could be, this is something that can nonetheless ruin your workout. Once you become too dependent on wearing gloves, it’s liable that you’ll no longer be comfortable with pulling weights without gloves on.


As workout gloves add a layer of thickness to your hold, when you initially start wearing them you might find yourself gripping a bar harder than you normally would. This also depends on the thickness of the bar, which might force you to have to clench harder to get a good grip. This depends on the gloves as well, as certain gloves out there aren’t as thick.

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