Exercise bikes from trusted brands like Muscle Power and Iron Master are some of the best fitness equipment in the Philippines, offered at reasonable prices. If you don’t have the time to go to a gym daily or you are staying at home, such equipment will help you stay fit! Check out the latest exercise bikes, or find answers to the frequently asked questions below.

Can you lose belly fat by riding a stationary bike?


Tips for Choosing An Exercise Bike in the Philippines

There are various types of exercise bikes available in the Philippines, some are equipped with the latest technology, while others are built in a way that resembles the feeling of cycling outdoors. When selecting an exercise bike, you might want to determine which one do you prefer. Each exercise bike comes with various features depending on the usage. Be sure to match your needs/wants to the exercise bike that you prefer. For this reason, we are providing you below with things to consider before choosing an exercise bike.

Different Types of Bikes

Upright Exercise Bike

This bike provides comfortability and a lighter place, keeping you in a regular riding position. As such, they make for a comfortable workout. That said, they are not ideal for high-intensity training sessions. Upright exercise bikes are perfect for those who prefer working out at a lighter pace and for longer periods. It’s also great for those who are just starting fitness habits.

Recumbent Exercise Bike

These bikes are great are for preventing injuries, as they allow you to cycle from a reclined riding position. They are equipped with a backrest, most suitable for people who have existing neck, back, hip, and other joint injuries. Recumbent exercise bikes are usually heavy and bulky. They are built this way since they provide better comfort and convenience to the rider, rather than biking performance.

Indoor Cycling Exercise Bike

These are intended for high-intensity workouts. Indoor cycling bikes are made in a way to resemble what outdoor cycling feels like. So, for those who prefer doing intense cardio, then these bikes will get the job done. They also tend to be the lightest among the three types, resembling an actual road or mountain bike.

Electric or Non-Electric

You must also decide whether you prefer an electric or non-electric bike. Electric bikes let a rider go through a predetermined course, resembling a personal trainer. That said, you might tend to stick to the program too much, preventing you from pushing yourself harder even when you can.

Additionally, sticking to the program too much can slow down that change you want to see. This is because, in the field of exercise science, there’s a principle that progressive overload is imperative to positive change.

Meanwhile, non-electric bikes, also known as conventional bicycles, are great for intense workouts. They rely on friction or magnets to increase resistance. These bikes can be used at all times; no power to buttons to push. That said, they are best used by experienced fitness buffs who know their limits.

One common mistake for those who use exercise bikes is choosing a resistance and sticking to that the whole workout; or worse, every single workout. This goes in contrast to the principle of progressive overload, which states that no overload results in no results.

Additional Features

Once you decide the type of exercise bike you need, you may now focus on the additional features, including the following:

  • Knobs or Buttons - These features let you adjust the exercise bike’s resistance. Check a bike that has adjustable resistance. Some models only require tapping on a screen to increase or decrease resistance; while others can simply be adjusted by twisting a knob.
  • Essential vs Optional Built-in Accessories - Accessories range from built-in tables to water bottle holders, as well as various railings and handlebar shapes to hold on to. Some have Wi-Fi ready for streaming favorite music or guiding you through your workout session. These add-ons can either be essential or optional, depending on you
  • Magnetic Wheels - These features make exercise bikes produce less noise. Some electric exercise bikes come with a motor attached to the flywheel and belt or chain drive inside the exercise bike. You might want to avoid such exercise bikes that run to adjust resistance and/or mimic certain terrains, as they make the most noise.


One of the important considerations before choosing an electric bicycle is your budget. Find out how much you want to spend. If you want to look for cheaper options, then you must answer this question first: how much are you willing to invest in your own health?

Exercise Bike FAQ

Can you lose belly fat by riding a stationary bike?

Riding a stationary or exercise bike frequently, for at least four times a week, can make you lose some belly fat. However, if you want to rid of belly fat fast, then try performing some off-the-bike exercises, including yoga, Body Combat, and Zumba.

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