Condition your hair back to its lustrous glory today with great hair conditioners. Find out more about the importance and how you should use it here.


Hair conditioners for dummies

Do you know that you hair adds so much to your personality? It really doesn’t matter if your hair is long or short, but when your hair is in its best condition, (and we are talking about its health and not the way you style it), you will just automatically look nicer. But when rough ends and split ends come to visit, you should also welcome disastrous to your look. So when it comes to hair care, it is almost like a ritual that you need to follow religiously to achieve the best results.

Here, we would be highlighting one of the most basic part of your ritual – The Conditioners.

Hair Conditioners – Maintaining that beautiful glow

Ever wondered what it is like for you hair day, day in and day out? You leave it open for it to bear the heat from all your electronics, chemicals from the styling gels, sweat, hair colouring and not forgetting the pollution that you have around you. These bad elements are the ones that strips off the nutrients from your hair, making it look dry, limp and lifeless.

Enter conditioners. This is where conditioners are needed the most! They step in to revive your hair back to life, giving back the lost nutrients that it needs. While shampooing cleanses your hair off dirt, hair conditioners helps in damage control and repair mechanism.

Hair conditioners – Going back to the basics

For most people, you would think that you hair does not need conditioning, but believe us when we say that it is more than just applying cream on you damp hair, leaving it for a few minutes and rinsing it off. Here are some of the thing you need to know about hair conditioning.

  • Know your hair type and find the conditioner that goes accordingly to suit you the best.
  • Never apply conditioner on the roots of your hair or scalp.
  • Conditioners should be applied an inch away from the roots, evenly throughout your whole hair till the end.
  • Two minutes mantra don’t really apply for all. If you hair is long, you would need that conditioner on your hair longer – 5-8 minutes.
  • Keep rinsing till the water runs clear of any bubbles/conditioner residues.

Hair conditioners – The different types

Preconditioning – Especially for long hair, preconditioning can do wonders. Dampen your hair with tepid water to open up your hair cuticles allowing your hair conditioners to work its magic. Leave it for a few minutes, rinse it off and shampoo and condition again. This step ensures the extra care and nourishment that you hair requires is given.

Essential Oils – During the late Victorian Era, they saw the boom in the use of Macassar oil as hair conditioners. Using oils for conditioning purposes is not fairly a new concept. From almond oil, castor oil, olive oil, mustard oil to coconut oil and many others, oiling as a precursor to shampooing has been a traditional practise across many countries.

Leave-in conditioners – Used after you are done with your hair washing process. Once your hair is dryer, you can use leave-in conditioners to help in de-tangling your hair and add extra lustre and sheen to the body of your hair. For curly frizzy hair, leave-in conditioners is a great help in taming them down, keeping them organized to look good.

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