Your hairdresser may incorporate tools in particularly hair clips to achieve certain hairstyles. Take a look at the variety of styling hair clips in the Philippines and read more about it below.

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Types and uses of styling hair clips

Often times, people put too much attention on the products instead of the tools when it comes to styling one's hair. This is why hairdressers are often seen utilizing various tools to either aid the washing or styling process. A few of the more common styling hair clips that can be spotted in a hair salon are the prong clips, butterfly clamps, and duckbill clips. Learn more about the types and uses of styling hair clips.

Prong clips

These clips are typically made from nickel plated steel that is rust-resistant and suitable to be utilized especially when working with damp hair. To ideally maintain curls, it is not necessary to apply heat to it. The clips will help to secure the roots of the hair while they are drying after being re-twisted. Moreover, the clips can be utilized with other hair tools such as the roller sets. Double prong clips are great for holding them in place so that it does not unravel easily.

Croc hair clips

Hairdressers will choose to use the croc hair clips when they work with thicker hair as they are great for sectioning large amounts of hair. Having hair sectioned off will speed up the process of detangling and styling, especially when trying to achieve the perfect blowout at home. Croc hair clips typically have a longer bill which is ideal for gripping large sections of hair and are suggested to be used on dense or coarse hair.

Butterfly clamps

Butterfly clamps work well with people that have thicker hair, keeping it perfectly divided into medium to small sections with the easy-to-grip handles. However, only a small section of hair can be gripped due to its shorter bill. On the other hand, it offers a stronger hold due to its small rounded teeth. As the grip of the butterfly clamps can be quite strong, it should not be used on tender-headedpeople as it may put too much tension on the scalp.

Duckbill clips

Often used in a subsection and to hold small pieces of hair away, duckbill clips are perfect to divide a section into smaller workable sections. It also comes with a slight bend to conform to the head contours. These clips are made to be durable yet flexible and provide the most effective curling process. Many people choose to cut their fringe at home to avoid having to go to the salon to get it trimmed. The duckbill clips can assist you in determining your preferred fringe length so that you can take a look at the options. Furthermore, it helps to hold your hair in place while you trim with precision and avoid any mishaps.

Wave clamps

Serving the similar purpose as the duckbill clips, wave clamps have rounded teeth that are set on a curve. The perforations are meant to create finger waves and body waves.

Do check out other hair styling products and tools such as pomades, sprays, gels, wax, strengtheners, curlers and many more.

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