We ladies love styling our hair but do you know that it is also a form of torture to your hair? All those chemicals and heat does nothing but ruin your hair. Which is why you need these magical hair masks to combat these problems. Read on more to find out.


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Hair Masks – Giving your hair some TLC

Especially for the ladies, it is extremely hard to find someone who doesn’t strive for a great hair day, every day. But we all know that in order to get achieve that fabulous mane for a great hair day (you know like those silky, smooth hair in the shampoo commercials, or hair where you want to just there twirling it, or whipping it back and forth so that everyone can envy your gorgeous strands), you have to put in some time and effort and some good old fashioned TLC into your hair.

After tormenting your hair with the different styling techniques and products, it’s crucial to remember to put back the moisture back into the hair, which in our term means the great need of using hair masks.

Hair Masks – Adding moisture back to your hair

Just like how most of us only turn to God when we are buried deep in problems, we do the same with our hair too. We only turn to the goodness of the hair masks when our hair is extremely damaged. It works as a cure for all hair damaged by the sun, excessive use of heating elements and from multiple hair dye jobs.

If you are wondering what exactly a hair mask is, it is a deep conditioning treatment for you hair. Never mistaken them for hair conditioners as they are not. They provide you hair with a deep conditioning because unlike the conditioners that are washed immediately, masks are left on your hair for a longer period of time and are made with different ingredients. Over time, these masks can nourish your hair, make it shinier and can be the important part of your hair growth routine.

Hair Masks – The God for all hair conditions

They key to benefitting from your hair masks is to choose the right masks for your hair type.

  • Super dry, damaged hair – masks that is heavy on the conditioning
  • Limp hair – Hair masks that is packed with protein
  • Oily Hair – avoid using hair masks unless you have dry, damaged ends.

Hair Masks – Things you never knew

When a hair mask is being used, it can bring a whole lot of fears and doubts – will it make my hair greasy, do I need to sit in one place for 5 hours, etc. Which is why we did you a great help by breaking down the things you never knew about hair masks.

  1. Use a mask once a week – it’s a good habit to make sure you are giving your hair the moisture it needs.
  2. You can apply hair masks to dry hair – no one said that your hair needs to be wet before applying your masks. When you are lazing around in bed, all you need is 20 mins before you jump in the shower.
  3. You can sleep in your hair mask – if your hair is especially dry, this is a good step for you. Add the mask at the end of your shower and cover your hair with a shower cap before you sleep. Wake up with silky soft hair the very next morning.
  4. Your hair should not be greasy after - If you find that your hair is greasy after you apply a mask, you are most likely using one that is too heavy for your hair type.
  5. You should still shampoo and conditioner your hair afterwards – It’s better to wash your hair after your mask session to make sure you won’t have any product built-up leftover.
  6. There are tons of DIY recipes for Hair Masks – nearly everything in your kitchen can be used to add the moisture and other needed elements back to your hair, all you need is the internet to get some good recipes.

Now that you know the importance of hair masks, it’s time to show some TLC to your hair with masks from iprice.