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Halo Tiara Handbag at 995.00 PHP from JMB Albay Gadgets
Halo Tiara Handbag
₱ 995.00
JMB Albay Gadgets
In this day and age, people constantly rely on technology to be able to get through the day as comfortable as possible. From talking on a mobile Smartphone to a new and important client for work to using a tablet gadget to glance through an endless collection of shoes at an online store, almost everything these days are accomplished with a use of gadgets. Halo Mobile Clothing, one of the leading and well known local brands for mobile and laptop accessories, believes in providing its clientele with something unlike any other. Each design of mobile phone cover or laptop bag is designed not only with an array of vibrant and chic colors but with quality craftsmanship and materials as well. What’s great about this amazing brand is that you now gain the opportunity for quality mobile protection gear without having to shell out an arm and a leg’s worth! Why would you shop anywhere else?
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Halo Tiara Hand Bag 14'' (Blue) at 800.00 PHP from Lazada
Halo Tiara Hand Bag 14'' (Blue)
₱ 800.00 ₱ 1,095.00
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