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Invest in a high-quality sound system with Harman Kardon Philippines

Music has become an important part of every individual in this world to get instant entertainment. Wherever you are, whenever you feel the boredom creeping in, music can entertain you with ease. If you are outside the home or on the go then you’ll need a headset or earphone with best quality to be able to enjoy your favourite music. In the same case, when it comes to listening to music in your home, you will need speakers of the highest quality. Harman Kardon has been producing various products such as earphones and speakers with the best quality for your fans. Let’s look into more info about the Harman Kardon Philippines , faithful partner of your music . Find out more about Harman Kardon Philippines through the links below.

Harman Kardon – A legacy of audio equipment

Perhaps some of you still don’t have much idea as to who or what the origins of Harman Kardon are. In the following article we will attempt to provide an explanation to the questions you have. We will also try to provide information to you about some excellent products and the most popular of the Harman Kardon. Let's start with a little history from when it was first established as Harman Kardon and the men behind this awesome brand.

Harman Kardon is a subsidiary of Harman International Industries, which produces home and car audio equipment. Harman Kardon was founded in 1953 by two people named Sidney Harman and Bernard Kardon. From the names of these two founders, the name of the company the unique name of Harman Kardon was born. In its early years they started with a capital of only 10,000 USD, but were successful with breakthroughs in their products, even until now. Unfortunately, in 1956 Bernard Kardon decided to retire and sell all of its shares to his partner, Sidney Harman. Harman changed the name of the company to Harman International but because its products were mainly receivers, tuners and amplifiers, it subsequently became Harman Kardon and the name has stood the test of time until today. Sidney Harman finally decided to retire in 2007 and passed away in 2011 leaving a legacy of audio machines in the capable hands of the next generation. CEO of Harman Kardon is currently a technology executive named Dinesh Paliwal.

Enhance your sound system with Harman Kardon Philippines

In Philippines alone, Harman Kardon is already very well known to the public. Given the potential of the huge market for audio-visual equipment, Harman Kardon does not hesitate to lay the groundwork for retail stores in the Philippines. Even better, now you can get all the products from Harman Kardon online through Harman Kardon Philippines. Get all the products now!

Harman Kardon Philippines products

As mentioned above, Harman Kardon specialize in products associated with loudspeakers. But did you know they do a lot more than loudspeakers? Here are some interesting products from Harman Kardon; especially for those who are passionate about music.


  • Wireless Speaker (Wireless Speakers)
  • Home Theater Systems
  • Computer Speakers
  • Soundbars
  • Portable & Docks


  • Earbuds
  • Over- Ear Headphones
  • On- Ear Headphones
  • Coach Limited Edition

Receivers & Amplifiers

  • Audio Video Receivers
  • Stereo Receivers
  • Integrated Amplifiers
  • Accessories

Let’s do a quick review of two of the most famous products of Harman Kardon in the world in particular, Philippines; Harman Kardon Onyx Studio and Harman Kardon SoundSticks III.

The biggest plus point of Harman Kardon Onyx Studio is that it is a portable speaker that uses Bluetooth connectivity and rechargeable batteries that will last up to 5 hours of constant use. Overall, this product produces an amazing sound. While the Harman Kardon SoundStick III is a home speaker that also uses Bluetooth connectivity, it has a distinct sound that is utterly impressive for a home speaker. Coupled with a modern design and interesting to the eye. All these products can be found right here. What are you waiting for? Get your hands on them now!

Harman Kardon joint-ventures with luxury car companies

Harman Kardon is a unique company of audio equipment. They have a division that is marketed to specific customers. In particular Harman Kardon targets the audiophiles that love music in their cars. Harman Kardon made several business agreements with manufacturers of luxury cars because they have not been able to apply their systems to all types of cars in the world. Some of the car manufacturers that collaborate with Harman Kardon are BMW, Subaru, Mercedes - Benz, Jeep, Volvo, Dodge, Chrysler, SRT and the Mini Cooper.

Harman Kardon speakers project sound to every corner of the vehicle. Whether the vehicle is moving slow or fast, the sound quality is unaffected. This experience is unparalleled when it comes to in-car sound systems. If you own any of the cars mentioned above, you too could customize your sound system to be the best in the world. Just contact Harman Kardon.

All products from Harman Kardon Philippines can now be found on our web site. Also check out Harman Kardon electronics for more general Harman Kardon Philippines products. Get the best Harman Kardon products by shopping online, saving time and saving money.