Babies grow fast and so do their nails. That’s why it’s important to pay extra attention to your baby’s nails and take good care of them. Baby nail care sets and tools can make this task easier for you and your fussy babies. Read more about baby nail care in the article here.


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A Guide for Baby Nail Care in Philippines

Just when you think baby care is a handful, you need to be aware of one more thing: baby nail care. It may not seem important at first since baby’s nails are still so small but they have the tendency to grow quickly. When they do, since a baby’s motor skills are still developing, they have little control of their hands and it’s very likely for them to scratch themselves.

Essential baby nail care tools

The most important tool that you need to get to jumpstart your baby’s nail care routine is a nail clipper or nail cutter. Opt for a nail clipper or nail cutter specially made for babies and toddlers as these clippers will not be as sharp as the regular ones. Then, you need a pair of baby-proof nail scissors to trim and clean up the cuticles. Some brands would offer a complete set of baby nail care set that includes the nail cutter, scissors, buffer, brush, and tweezers. If you’re not sure where to begin when browsing for baby nail care tools, a set is highly recommended to save you time and money.

When to start trimming your baby’s nails

You can start trimming your baby’s nails essentially at any time. As long as your baby’s nails are hard enough to be trimmed, then you should start grooming your little one’s nails. Try to clip your baby’s nails at least once a week or at any time you feel that the nails are becoming too long.

How to trim newborn baby’s nails

Make sure you’re being extremely careful when trimming your baby’s nails. They are softer compared to adult fingernails and it’s easy for you to over-trim them if you don’t pay close attention. For a smooth nail-trimming process, gather and prepare all the necessary baby nail care tools that are listed above. If needed, sterilize the tools first before using them by soaking the tools in a bowl of boiling water or inside a sterilizer.

It’s best if you trim your baby’s nails if they’re asleep to limit their movements and avoid any accidental injuries. You can also trim your baby’s nails after a warm bath because that is when the nails will be the softest. Use the nail clippers or a pair of baby nail scissors and carefully begin to trim away the nails. Push back the flesh underneath the nail so you don’t accidentally clip off any skin.

Some parents would bite off the excess nails on their baby’s fingers but by doing so, you will transfer the germs and bacteria onto your baby’s fingers. It will be even worse if your baby has an open wound or scar on their fingertips as you will expose them to the risk of contracting an infection.