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Biography Books

A biography is a sweeping portrait of one’s life or career. Biographies are interesting reads as they document the life stories of prominent individuals – their struggles, successes, and significant occurrences. Read more about biography books in the Philippines below.

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Cleopatra : A Biography (Women in Antiquity)
₱ 1,945.00

Few personalities from classical antiquity are more famous--yet more poorly understood--than Cleopatra VII, queen of Egypt. In this major biography, Duane Roller reveals that Cleopatra was in fact a learned and visionary leader whose overarching goal was always the preservation of her dynasty and kingdom. Roller's authoritative account is the first to be based solely on primary materials from the Greco-Roman period: literary sources, Egyptian documents (Cleopatra's own writings), and representations in art and coinage produced while she was alive. His compelling portrait of the queen illuminates her prowess as a royal administrator who managed a large and diverse kingdom extending from Asia Minor to the interior of Egypt, as a naval commander who led her own fleet in battle, and as a scholar and supporter of the arts. Even her love affairs with Julius Caesar and Marcus Antonius--the source of her reputation as a supreme seductress who drove men to their doom--were carefully crafted state policies: she chose these partners to insure the procreation of successors who would be worthy of her distinguished dynasty. That Cleopatra ultimately lost to her Roman opponents, Roller contends, in no way diminishes her abilities. "Roller tells his tale smoothly and accessibly....The resulting portrait is that of a complex, many-sided figure, a potent Hellenistic ruler who could move the tillers of power as skillfully as any man, and one far and nobly removed from the 'constructed icon' of popular imagination." -- The New York Times Book Review "A rich account of late Ptolemaic culture." -- The New Yorker "Offers a superb panorama of the society and culture of late Ptolemaic Egypt, with vivid sketches of the (remarkably vigorous) intellectual life of Cleopatra's Alexandria and the structural instabilities of the late Ptolemaic state." -- Times Literary Supplement "Besides providing a compelling story and breathing fresh air into a heretofore two-dimensional caricature from history, Roller's 'Cleopatra' provides an interesting commentary on the attitudes still prevalent towards women who rule." -- Christian Science Monitor

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Lil Wayne: An Unauthorized Biography
₱ 1,737.00

Lil Wayne (An Unauthorized Biography) is an in-depth - tell all about the making and building of Cash Money Records, Southern rap and the biggest rap superstar in the universe who served a prison term at the height of his career and successfully released a hit album and videos while inside. Lil Wayne (An Unauthorized Biography) is an in-depth study of the rap star / music mogul s rise to fame, from his childhood to his becoming one of the most unstoppable, most pragmatic, most creative music personalities of the twenty-first century. He is a multiplatinum-selling - multi-multi-multimillionaire - money making - multi Grammy Award winning rap superstar. Just months ahead of his incarceration, Wayne had been on a whirlwind of touring, helping to launch the rising stars of his Young Money Records signees Drake and Nicki Manaj, and touring non-stop. That when word finally came down relative to his now infamous New York City illegal gun possession charge with the facts seeming fairly cut and dry Wayne opted to cut his losses and plead guilty to the charge. Even while incarcerated, he rallied his Young Money Records crew, to carry the torch and bang out hit records in his absence. Lil Wayne(An Unauthorized Biography) chapters include: The Rise of Cash Money Records; ;The making of Tha Carter I, II and Superstardom; Family and Fatherhood and The Masters of Reinvention: the Second Coming of Cash Money and I am Not A Human Being. As Lil Wayne states when asked to describe himself, I m a Martian. I like to be different. And what s more different than a Martian? Lil Wayne (An Unauthorized Biography) is a remarkable story that incorporates Lil Wayne's ingenious passion for music. According to MTV, Wayne has hit a whole new stratosphere. He s evolved into one of the top-tier playas in his field, truly on another planet with a chosen few. Drake was clearly inspired by Lil Wayne s example, when he said I don t think there will ever be anybody like Lil Wayne ever again in hip-hop. He paralyzes a room when he walks into it his wordplay, the excitement that he brings to his music. We all will have to work a lot harder to keep hip-hop as exciting as Lil Wayne has made it .

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Geo rge Eastman: A Biography
₱ 3,662.00

Now back in print, this life of George Eastman is the first biography since 1930 of the man who transformed the world of photography. In this revealing and informative work, Brayer shows us how such key innovations as roll film and the light, hand-held camera helped the Eastman Kodak Company dominate the world market. More importantly, Brayer draws a vivid portrait of the man behind the money. Eastman worked hard at staying out of the limelight and even insisted that his donations be kept anonymous, prompting the Boston Globe to call him "America's most modest and least-known millionaire." Despite his retirement in 1925, Eastman showed little sign of slowing down. Making money had been interesting, but putting money to work became more so. In the 1920s he designed a special camera for use in orthodontia and established elaborate dental clinics for needy children around the world. He oversaw the building of the Eastman theatre and the Eastman School of Music. His contributions built a new campus for the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and a new medical school for the University of Rochester. Finally, he became the largest contributor to the education of African Americans during the 1920s and the Tuskegee Institute's most important benefactor. Elizabeth Brayer lives in Rochester, NY. For the past 18 years she has served on both the George Eastman Legacy and the Landscape committees at the George Eastman House, International Museum of Photography and Film. She writes about the history of central and Western New York State. George Eastman: A Biography was nominated for a Pulitzer Prize in 1996.

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An Island in Time: The Biography of a Village
₱ 2,182.00

A fascinating account from a highly acclaimed writer of the life and charming inhabitants of a typical countryside village, and how it must adapt and change in order to survive in the modern world The countryside is in crisis. The shops are closing down in the villages, there is no school for miles around and, when they grow up, the few remaining children will escape to a less arduous life in the city. The village as we have known it for centuries must adapt to survive, but what will be lost in the process? In this book Geert Mak returns to the small Netherlands village of his childhood, Jorwerd (pop. 330 and falling), and meets the present-day Jorwerders: a stubborn, stoic people for whom the flat, windswept landscape has been a source of livelihood for generations, but is now rarely more than a tourist attraction. He has tea with the butcher's wife, drops in on the pub for a beer, and recounts the stirring story of Old Peet, a farmhand who was born, lived, and died in Jorwerd. Such men are an extinct species in the new free-market Europe and, with his passing, the village he lived in moved a step along the road of terminal decline. Jorwerd is a paradigm for the changing face of the countryside around the world, but Mak discovers that Jorward posesses, despite its travails, a neighborliness and sense of community that no longer exist in urban life, while ancient families struggle to preserve their long-established way of life in a world obsessed with money and profit.

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Rene gade: Martin Luther, The Graphic Biography
₱ 1,776.00

The life of reformer Martin Luther in the graphic novel format Gold Medal Winner, 2018 IPPY Book of the Year Award, Independent Publishers Gold Medal Winner, 2017 Indies Awards, Foreword Reviews Magazine Intriguing and informative.” --Library Journal, Starred Review Five hundred years ago a brash young monk single-handedly confronted the most powerful institutions of his day. His bold stand sparked the Protestant Reformation and marked one of the great turning points in history. Martin Luther, a spiritual and historical giant, is loved and hated to this day―and for good reason. The anniversary of the revolution he helped start has produced a spate of doorstop-sized biographies. Luckily, today there exists a more accessible format that does justice to such a colorful, complex character and his tumultuous life and times – the graphic novel. In a world of grinding poverty, plague, and religious superstitions, a child of laborers distinguishes himself at university – until a lightning-bolt conversion lands him in a monastery. There his personal battles with disillusionment and doubt culminate in a cry for freedom. The rest is the stuff of history and legend: Luther’s revolt against Rome with the nailing of ninety-five theses to the church door in Wittenberg; his time spent incognito at Wartburg Castle, where he famously throws an inkpot at the devil; his seditious translation and publication of the Bible in the language of the people; his scandalous marriage to former nun Katharina von Bora; and, in later years, his ugly tirades against peasants, Anabaptists, and Jews. Each chapter of Luther’s life comes vividly to life thanks to cutting-edge graphic techniques, meticulous historical research, and compelling writing. This could be the biggest breakthrough for Martin Luther since the Gutenberg press. With its splendid color and unvarnished narrative, this is surely the most successful graphic biography ever. --Georg Howahl, WAZ

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Jim Henson: The Biography
₱ 1,890.00

NATIONAL BESTSELLER • NAMED ONE OF THE BEST BOOKS OF THE YEAR BY BOOKPAGE For the first time ever—a comprehensive biography of one of the twentieth century’s most innovative creative artists: the incomparable, irreplaceable Jim Henson He was a gentle dreamer whose genial bearded visage was recognized around the world, but most people got to know him only through the iconic characters born of his fertile imagination: Kermit the Frog, Bert and Ernie, Miss Piggy, Big Bird. The Muppets made Jim Henson a household name, but they were just part of his remarkable story. This extraordinary biography—written with the generous cooperation of the Henson family—covers the full arc of Henson’s all-too-brief life: from his childhood in Leland, Mississippi, through the years of burgeoning fame in America, to the decade of international celebrity that preceded his untimely death at age fifty-three. Drawing on hundreds of hours of new interviews with Henson's family, friends, and closest collaborators, as well as unprecedented access to private family and company archives, Brian Jay Jones explores the creation of the Muppets, Henson’s contributions to Sesame Street and Saturday Night Live, and his nearly ten-year campaign to bring The Muppet Show to television. Jones provides the imaginative context for Henson’s non-Muppet projects, including the richly imagined worlds of The Dark Crystal and Labyrinth —as well as fascinating misfires like Henson’s dream of opening an inflatable psychedelic nightclub. An uncommonly intimate portrait, Jim Henson captures all the facets of this American original: the master craftsman who revolutionized the presentation of puppets on television, the savvy businessman whose dealmaking prowess won him a reputation as “the new Walt Disney,” and the creative team leader whose collaborative ethos earned him the undying loyalty of everyone who worked for him. Here also is insight into Henson’s intensely private personal life: his Christian Science upbringing, his love of fast cars and expensive art, and his weakness for women. Though an optimist by nature, Henson was haunted by the notion that he would not have time to do all the things he wanted to do in life—a fear that his heartbreaking final hours would prove all too well founded. An up-close look at the charmed life of a legend, Jim Henson gives the full measure to a man whose joyful genius transcended age, language, geography, and culture—and continues to beguile audiences worldwide. Praise for Jim Henson “ Jim Henson vibrantly delves into the magnificent man and his Muppet methods: It’s an absolute must-read!” —Neil Patrick Harris “An exhaustive work that is never exhausting, a credit both to Jones’s brisk style and to Henson’s exceptional life.” — The New York Times “[A] sweeping portrait that is a mix of humor, mirth and poignancy.” —Washington Independent Review of Books “A meticulously researched tome chock-full of gems about the Muppets and the most thorough portrait of their creator ever crafted.” —Associated Press “Jim was one of my closest friends. And yet I found out things about him in Jim Henson that were new to me. Brian Jay Jones has captured the layers of Jim’s genius and humanity, as well as the flaws that made Jim, like all of us, so delightfully imperfect. I thank Brian for giving Jim life again. This book has captured the spirit of Jim Henson.” —Frank Oz From the Hardcover edition.

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Lewis Hamilton: The Biography
₱ 1,845.00

Formula 1 racer and BBC Sports Personality of the Year award-winner Lewis Hamilton is quickly moving towards becoming Britain's greatest ever racer Lewis Hamilton is the record-breaking young British hero of Formula 1. His phenomenal debut season was nothing short of a revelation, coming through against all the odds to dominate and revolutionize the world of motor racing. It was an outcome no one could have predicted: thrown in at the deep end "on a mighty whim" by McLaren team owner Ron Dennis, not only did Lewis have to combat his own nerves and fears, he had to overcome a dissenter within his own camp. With behind-the-scenes insight into the intense rivalry between Hamilton and his teammate Fernando Alonso which threatened to derail the young Briton's dream, and the low-down on the "spy-gate" scandal, this biography describes how Lewis handled the intensity of the media scrutiny around his relationship with Nicole Scherzinger and kept his dignity to emerge triumphant as he racked up sensational wins around the world. Now he has even joined iconic speedsters Damon Hill and Bradly Wiggins as a BBC Sports Personality of the Year winner. From his momentous clinching of the 2014 World Championship in Abu Dhabi to the bitter rivalry with former friend Nico Rosberg—which culminated in the German engineering a deliberate high-speed crash—bestselling sports author Frank Worrall traces the slipstream of Hamilton’s incredible career as the fastest driver on the planet. This is the ultimate story of the driver whom Sir Jackie Stewart says "has re-written the rookie rule book." But he is a rookie no more. Lewis Hamilton has accelerated into pole position to be called Britain’s greatest ever race driver.

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Montana: The Biography of Football's Joe Cool
₱ 1,895.00

As long as football is played, Joe Montana will be synonymous with the heart-pounding rally. Seemingly impervious to the pressure of a scoreboard deficit, the quarterback known as Joe Cool brought a steadying calm to every huddle, especially when the situation seemed especially dire. His reputation for miracles began to take root at the University of Notre Dame. In the 1979 Cotton Bowl, he overcame the flu, hypothermia and a 22-point deficit to lead the Fighting Irish to a stunning victory over Houston. This narrative continued in the NFL, as he engineered 31 fourth-quarter comebacks, including victories known in professional football lore as The Catch and The Drive, forever casting his career in a heroic glow. In MONTANA, acclaimed author Keith Dunnavant sketches the definitive portrait of a man who repeatedly defied the odds, on and off the field. While leading the San Francisco 49ers to four Super Bowl championships over a nine-year period, establishing a new standard for passing efficiency, and twice earning the league's Most Valuable Player award, Montana became the signature quarterback of the 1980s and one of the greatest ever to play the game. Overcoming his own limitations, which caused him to be underrated coming out of Notre Dame, he quickly mastered Bill Walsh's West Coast Offense, and thereby, helped reinvent offensive football. But it was rarely easy. Like the rallies he so often produced, his life was filled with the sort of tension that made his journey seem routinely dramatic: The father who pushed him. The high school coach who challenged his commitment. The college coach who very nearly squandered him. The back surgery that almost ended his career. The younger athlete who tried to take his job. Rich an anecdotal detail, insight and context, MONTANA is a powerful story about a man who was defined by his intense competitiveness, and how this intangibly helped him become one of the ionic figures in football history.

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America's Constitution: A Biography
₱ 1,922.00

In America’s Constitution , one of this era’s most accomplished constitutional law scholars, Akhil Reed Amar, gives the first comprehensive account of one of the world’s great political texts. Incisive, entertaining, and occasionally controversial, this “biography” of America’s framing document explains not only what the Constitution says but also why the Constitution says it. We all know this much: the Constitution is neither immutable nor perfect. Amar shows us how the story of this one relatively compact document reflects the story of America more generally. (For example, much of the Constitution, including the glorious-sounding “We the People,” was lifted from existing American legal texts, including early state constitutions.) In short, the Constitution was as much a product of its environment as it was a product of its individual creators’ inspired genius. Despite the Constitution’s flaws, its role in guiding our republic has been nothing short of amazing. Skillfully placing the document in the context of late-eighteenth-century American politics, America’s Constitution explains, for instance, whether there is anything in the Constitution that is unamendable; the reason America adopted an electoral college; why a president must be at least thirty-five years old; and why–for now, at least–only those citizens who were born under the American flag can become president. From his unique perspective, Amar also gives us unconventional wisdom about the Constitution and its significance throughout the nation’s history. For one thing, we see that the Constitution has been far more democratic than is conventionally understood. Even though the document was drafted by white landholders, a remarkably large number of citizens (by the standards of 1787) were allowed to vote up or down on it, and the document’s later amendments eventually extended the vote to virtually all Americans. We also learn that the Founders’ Constitution was far more slavocratic than many would acknowledge: the “three fifths” clause gave the South extra political clout for every slave it owned or acquired. As a result, slaveholding Virginians held the presidency all but four of the Republic’s first thirty-six years, and proslavery forces eventually came to dominate much of the federal government prior to Lincoln’s election. Ambitious, even-handed, eminently accessible, and often surprising, America’s Constitution is an indispensable work, bound to become a standard reference for any student of history and all citizens of the United States. From the Hardcover edition.

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Top Biography Books Price List 2018

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Astley Clarke Star OF David Biography Necklace ₱ 1,761.00 Farfetch
Harper Collins Delirium Delirium Trilogy ₱ 1,504.00 Lazada
Manuka : The biography of an extraordinary honey ₱ 2,402.00 Galleon
Excel Applications for Accounting Principles ₱ 4,729.00 Galleon
Biography Jimmy Doolittle ₱ 1,878.00 Galleon
Annie Oakley, Woman At Arms: A Biography ₱ 2,553.00 Galleon
Principles of Natural Camouflage ₱ 1,883.00 Galleon
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chelsea fc : The Official Biography

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Must-Read Biographies Everyone Should Include into their Personal Collection

Biographies provide a glimpse into the past or capture the life and experiences of an icon, allowing readers to walk in someone else’s shoes. A meaningful biography can serve as a great teacher, offering valuable life lessons and teaching readers to be like the subject or sometimes, not to be like the subject. Fictional stories make for fun reads as well, but nothing is as compelling and inspirational as real-life recollections of one’s life. Noteworthy biography recommendations that everyone should own, or at least read about, are mentioned below.

Long Walk to Freedom by Nelson Mandela

The late Nelson Mandela was a former President of South Africa, serving from 1994 to 1999. He was known to be a strong supporter of the anti-apartheid movement in South Africa. Nelson Mandela’s autobiography contains intricate details about this leader who was revered and respected by many people, including world leaders, around the world. The book documents significant moments in his life – his childhood, growing up to be a freedom fighter, being imprisoned for 27 years, and his role in building a democratic South Africa. This book also analyses Mandela’s perception of the anti-apartheid struggles of South Africa, a movement that he was well-known for throughout his life.

The Story of My Experiments with Truth by Mahatma Gandhi

Easily one of the most well-known leaders of our time, this autobiography of Mahatma Gandhi is an honest and humble account of his life. This book highlights the forty years he spent in India and details every aspect of Gandhi’s life, from historical events to political incidents, as well as his personal philosophy on life.

The Autobiography of Malcolm X by Malcolm X

Possibly one of the most controversial icons in American history, Malcolm X was once called the most dangerous man in America. This classic autobiography chronicles the story of this Muslim leader’s life and introduces readers to the growth of the Black Muslim movement. The book mentions the details of his life, from the poverty he faced during his childhood, to his criminal teenage years, to his emergence as a national leader and world leader. This book also features controversial topics revolving the African American struggle for equality, lies, and limitations of the American Dream, and the inherent racism that exists in the American society.

Agatha Christie: An Autobiography by Agatha Christie

This book unravels the life of the “Queen of Mystery”, world-renowned crime novelist Agatha Christie. This autobiography enlightens readers on the experiences that shaped her into the beloved writer she was. The book highlights her happy childhood and close relationship with her mother, tragic episodes such as her mother’s death and her first husband’s adultery, and much more. Agatha Christie also talks about her extraordinary career and her past works that made her one of the most influential novelists.

Mein Kampf by Adolf Hitler

Mein Kampf (meaning My Struggle in German) is an autobiography of arguably one of the most infamous real-life “villains”, Adolf Hitler. This book gives readers an in-depth and no-holds-barred insight on the controversial leader’s life, touching on elements such as his childhood, early aspirations, his conflict with his father, his rise in politics, and his well-known hatred of the Jews. To truly understand Hitler’s story, you need to read this autobiography.

Reading is a great way to see the world from a different perspective. Check out other reading materials that you can grab from iPrice such as magazines, literature, and a whole lot more!