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Homar Cut Resistant Gloves, Medium
₱ 706.00
Get superior protection against sharp blades with gloves made of materials 4x sturdier than leather Homar cut proof gloves with Level 5 cut protection is designed to prevent cuts to your hands when working with sharp tools. The manufacturing process is geared towards guaranteeing cut resistance. We design them with utmost care for users' safety. Multipurpose in-and out-of the kitchen For kitchen users, this is a perfect oyster shucking glove or even when you are slicing with mandolin and knives. Any other risky situation that need a cut glove like sharpening knives, doing yard chores,carving pumpkin and cleaning up a broken wine glass. Homar gloves can also be used when changing the blades for your lawn mower, unpacking razor boxes and so on. Safe for food services They have a layer of anti- bacterial protection that provide prevention from contamination. Kitchen gloves are perfect for food preparation in kitchens in your homes or restaurants. Washing: these work gloves are wash friendly and machine friendly It is recommended that you allow the gloves to drip dry after washing. Work faster and safer with gloves that fit like a second skin Homar gloves are ultra-thin,soft against the skin,and highly elastic. They are comfortable and lightweight.Helps you work confidently with otherwise risky slicing and chopping equipment. The cut resistant gloves enable you to hold your equipment without worrying for the safety of your fingers.
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*Prices updated on 19 Sep 2017

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