Toilets, such as those from American Standard and Toto, are some of the most frequently used bathroom fixtures in the Philippines. Find out more about toilet bowls, or check out the latest prices of toilets and other related products.

How much is a toilet bowl?


Toilet Bowl Buying Guide: How to Find the Perfect One!

Types of Toilets

  • Two-Piece - Two-piece toilets like those from American Standard are the most common type of toilet in some parts of the world. Their tanks and toilet bowls are separate and are attached curing or before installation.
  • One-Piece - If you need a sleek, easy-to-clean-or-install toilet, then this is the best one for you.
  • Wall-Hung - If your bathroom is running out of space, then a wall-hung toilet is the right choice. This toilet is mounted on the wall, while its tank is hidden inside the wall.
  • Smart - While these are worth a premium, smart toilets are the most comfortable and functional, packed with impressive upgrades, including heated seats and automated flushers. With smart toilets, comfortability and functionality are guaranteed.

How to Select the Right Toilet

Toilet height

In terms of height, toilets are classified into two types - standard or comfort. Those with a standard height are the ones you’re probably accustomed to, while those with a comfort height are two or three inches higher than the former. If you don’t have children, then opt for a toilet with a comfort height, as it offers the most comfort (as its name suggests).

Water-saving features

Nowadays, toilets, such as those from American Standard, use less water than in previous decades. The maximum amount of water a modern toilet can use during a flush is 1.6 gallons. That means, if you’re replacing an old toilet, chances are any toilet you buy will use less water than your old one.

But if you really want to make sure your water use is kept to a minimum, then a dual-flush toilet will get the job done. It’s specially designed to conserve water, thanks to its low-volume flush that releases less water than a standard-volume.

Two-piece or one-piece

Two-piece toilets such as those from American Standard are the most common type, with tanks and toilet bowls that are put separately. Many people are satisfied with them since they function well. One-piece toilets, on the other hand, have bowls and tanks fused into a single, seamless unit. They are easier to clean than two-piece ones, with a smooth profile and a sleek look that some people prefer.

Make sure the toilet fits your bathroom

Toilets, such as those from American Standard, can either be elongated or round. As the name suggests, elongated bowls are oval-shaped and provide more comfort. They are two or three inches longer than round toilet bowls. Meanwhile, round bowls have a small profile. They work well well in households with smaller bathrooms.