Honda is one of the top-selling car brands in the Philippines. Not only do they manufacture cars, but also motorcycles and automobile equipment. Check out the latest products from Honda price list in the Philippines below.

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Top Cars from Honda Philippines that You Need to Test Drive

The Power of Dreams

The Japanese are known for their precision and eye for detail. Their strife for an easier life has brought ideas in the Japanese automotive industry. One of the companies at the forefront of automobile technology is Honda. Known for producing automotive technology that is practical as well as futuristic, Honda Philippines is said to be one of the leaders in green technology.

Honda Philippines is one of the big names in the country's automotive industry since the aftermath of World War 2. From motorcycles to cars, we’ve seen Honda’s innovation in motion. Now with online shopping, Honda cars price list, spare parts, and accessories can be found online in the Philippines. Let’s look at some of Honda’s best cars to buy today.

Honda Accord

The beauty of Japanese cars is their match for European cars at a fraction of the cost. The Honda Accord is no exception. Bringing in technology that rivals flagship cars such as the Mercedes C-Class and BMW 5-Series, the Accord is easily one of the most popular models of family cars from Honda Philippines. This 4-door sedan features a 2.0 VTI-L engine on the latest model that puts the power to the tarmac, you get a perfect blend of performance and sportiness.

Open the doors to this wonderful machine and step into a world of comfort and luxury. A center console filled with all your favourite gadgets, including a touchscreen GPS, climate control, Bluetooth, and CD player allows you to enjoy your drive. Perfect for the family, the Accord also has Cruise Control and a revolutionary Econ (economic driving) mode that helps you save fuel and harmful emissions. It’s no wonder that many families choose the Honda Accord as their preferred mode of transport.

Honda Civic

Enter the middle-class segment and you’re in a whole other league. Made with a youthful zest along with a passion for performance and customization, the Honda Civic has brought generations of car enthusiasts unspeakable amount of pleasure. The thought of modifying a car to enhance not only its looks but its performance is a serious turn-on for any Honda fan. Coming with a 2.0L Vtec engine in its higher range, the Honda Civic puts out a good measure of torque onto the tarmac. Want a higher performance, go for the Type-R version. It comes with a full body kit plus a tuned up engine for optimum speed, handling, and braking. The Civic is also big on safety. With airbags, ABS, ESC, and all-around sensors, you can rest assured you will have a safe drive.

Honda CRZ

As Honda Philippine's flagship entrance into the world of sports hybrids, the CRZ is the ultimate performance economic car. Built with an electric motor to run when in the city and in economy mode, this little car runs on a tiny amount of fuel per kilometer. Although in the area of space, the CRZ is limited, it is a perfect option for single people or couples who may not have a lot of luggage. The Honda CRZ also comes with tons of luxuries. With cruise control, automatic headlamps, rear spoiler, automatic seats, and even a sunroof in some models, you get a premium feel when in the front seat. The car is low to the ground, giving you a short center of gravity and a stable drive even at high speeds. The Honda CRZ also comes with a sports mode that optimizes the performance of both fuel and electric motor, perfect for getting somewhere fast.

Honda CRV

Now we enter the SUV category of Honda’s repertoire of cars. The CRV is the ultimate 4WD Honda model. It may not be the most stylish model in the market, but it has definitely a lot to offer both on the interior and underneath the hood. Engine specs come with a 2.0L IVTEC automatic variant paired to a 4WD drivetrain system. Made as a 7-seater, the CRV is apt at bringing your entire family in the Philippines. Its large boot and cabin space allows you to fit not only passengers but luggage of all sizes. If you love an outdoor lifestyle, the Honda CRV is the vehicle for you.

Honda – More than just cars!

Honda Philippines not only specializes in cars but motorcycles. To this day, Honda motorcycles accessories are the top-selling bikes in the Philippines. Sold by Boon-Siew Honda distributors, famous Honda bikes include the “kap chai” or “Honda Cub” EX5, CBR and Honda Goldwing. For cars, Honda is distributed by DRB-HICOM and Oriental Holdings Berhad the together for Honda PH. Sales went up aggressively as Honda’s reputation for having great customer service and a steady marketing strategy. Today, Honda Philippines is one of the leading Japanese companies in the country.