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Honeydew Hypoallergenic Anti-Bacterial Spray for Toys & Games Ensure health for women and men Fragrance Free Water Based Cleanser for Toys & Novelty Items Nontoxic & Silicon Safe
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Our fast acting germ killing spray is highly effective and is a necessity in every pleasure chest. It is vital to clean your exotic toys before and after each use. Our easy to use spray ensures a healthier sexual experience, without bacteria, germs or any unwanted bad smell. Fungus and mildew love to grow on erotic devices, even high quality ones. So it is important to clean your intimate items often and thoroughly. Our disinfectant spray makes it easier to clean your exotic novelty items. Liberally spray them all over, careful to avoid any batteries. Then rinse off with warm water and towel dry. The difference from before and after will be a world of difference - especially in the smell. This process will disinfect, killing bacteria and mold while eliminating odors. Our highly effective spray is a life extender for adult toys and products. This natural cleaning spray is made with no added fragrances and is alcohol free. We have a water based formula, which means it can be used for silicone, latex, rubber and other materials. This toy cleaner is intended for sensitive skin and won't irritate even your most precious regions. Our hygiene products for men and women are made to eliminate messy remnants without leaving any chemical residue on your toys. Our natural disinfectant spray is intended to lengthen the life of your erotic sex toys while keeping you healthy and safe. Fast Acting Odor Remover Germ Killing Formula Hypoallergenic Water Based Disinfectant Spray for Germs Alcohol Free with No Added Fragrance for Sensitive Skin Non Toxic Formula Non-Irritating Antibacterial Adult Toy Cleaner Body Safe Formula that Preserves Exotic Toys

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