The HTC Desire family of smartphones are the perfect amalgamation of HTC's premium designs and innovative features packed into an affordable price point. With a wide range of smartphones for every different price point and set of features, there is a smartphone for every different user in the HTC Desire family.

HTC Desire Phones & Tablets

HTC Desire Philippines, affordable premium smartphones

HTC is a multinational technology and smartphone manufacturer that was founded in 1997 in Taiwan. Their smartphones have been the pinnacle of mobile technology sine the beginning, being the "world's firsts" for many innovations of technology and smartphones. HTC's first Android smartphone was released in 2008, the HTC Dream. Their innovation and capacity to think out of the box has always been their objective when producing smartphones and other electronical devices. Pairing their innovation with outstanding design has made them one of the top smartphone manufacturers with standard leading designs.

HTC is noted for creating the world's first touchscreen smartphone, the HTC Touch, and it is also the world's first manufacturer for making a 3G smartphone and a smartphone with integrated GPS. All these world firsts are proofs that HTC is a smartphone manufacturer with fantastic innovation.

HTC Desire smartphones

As with all smartphone manufacturers, HTC has both a high end and a middle range line of products, their high end line of smartphones is called the HTC One series, whereas their middle range and more affordable line of smartphones is called the HTC Desire series. A little fun fact: The original HTC Desire was actually a smartphone itself that was launched by HTC in the first quarter of 2010; the smartphone would then pave the way to make the whole smartphone range.

The HTC Desire line of smartphones is a wide lineup of smartphones. Each smartphone is made to cater to a different price point and preferences with each one offering different sets of features. They have the simpler models that offer very basic smartphone functions such as phone calls and SMS with minimal storage for applications; then they have the slightly more feature packed models such as the HTC Desire EYE with a larger front camera for clearer selfie shots. There are smartphones for every different person in the HTC Desire lineup of smartphones.

  • HTC Desire EYE: A smartphone that is truly made for those who want that perfect selfie shot. The phone is equipped with a 13 megapixel camera on both the front and back to capture amazing photos no matter the situation. The 16GB internal storage that is expandable with a microSD card also helps you store all of your photographs and videos that you will be recording. The phone is also water resistant too, so don't worry about pulling of thrilling rain selfies!
  • HTC Desire 826S: A smartphone with a large Full HD 5.5" display flanked by two very smartly hidden HTC Boomsound speakers and powered by an octa-core processor, the HTC Desire 826S is for those who want the best of HTC's features and design beauty, but at an affordable price point.
  • HTC Desire 626: A no-frills 5" smartphone with the best-in-class 13MP main camera to capture your memories in high-resolution photos and videos that can be enjoyed with the bright and vibrant display. Like most HTC smartphones as well, the Desire 626 packs HTC's famous Boomsound speakers.

HTC's Desire line of smartphone proves that you can get a premium smartphone at a wholly affordable price point without breaking the bank.