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<strong>Discover a watch that truly combines classic style and smart technology.</strong> TIMELESS DESIGN • SMART WITHIN <img src="http://consumer.huawei.com/minisite/nz/huawei-watch/assets/cbg/images/hero.jpg" alt="" /> <strong>IN HARMONY WITH ANDROID™ AND IOS</strong> The Huawei Watch is designed to be part of your look, and part of your life. It pairs with any Android phone and it's also one of the first watches powered by Android Wear™ to work with iPhone. <strong>CLASSIC WATCH DESIGN</strong> True style never compromises. With the Huawei Watch, classic Swiss design meets smart technology to create an enduring timepiece. A superior full circle display offers a window onto the world. A wearable to be worn. <strong>SOPHISTICATED MATERIALS</strong> An exquisite profile and hand-polished finish reference years of watchmaking expertise. Innovative, high-performance materials bring that tradition into the present moment. <img src="http://consumer.huawei.com/minisite/nz/huawei-watch/assets/cbg/images/circle-1.png" alt="" /> SCRATCH-RESISTANT SAPPHIRE CRYSTAL <img src="http://consumer.huawei.com/minisite/nz/huawei-watch/assets/cbg/images/circle-2.png" alt="" /> HIGH-DEFINITION 1.4'' AMOLED DISPLAY <img src="http://consumer.huawei.com/minisite/nz/huawei-watch/assets/cbg/images/circle-3.png" alt="" /> COLD-FORGED 316L STAINLESS STEEL CASING <img src="http://consumer.huawei.com/minisite/nz/huawei-watch/assets/cbg/images/circle-4.png" alt="" /> FINE LEATHER AND STAINLESS STEEL STRAPS <strong>ONE WATCH, ENDLESS STYLES</strong> The right watch becomes part of your signature style. The Huawei Watch lets you build a bespoke timepiece that expresses your individual look. Choose from a range of premium casings and fine leather or stainless steel straps. Once you have your perfect watch, you can dress it for every occasion with a variety of bespoke watch faces to choose from. <strong>PRECISE FITNESS TRACKING</strong> The Huawei Watch makes keeping active and reaching your goals effortless. It goes wherever you go, offering a smart perspective on your fitness. A high-accuracy motion sensor keeps track of your activity and knows when you’re walking, running or climbing. <img src="http://consumer.huawei.com/minisite/nz/huawei-watch/assets/cbg/images/fitness-1.png" alt="" /> HEART RATE TRACKING <img src="http://consumer.huawei.com/minisite/nz/huawei-watch/assets/cbg/images/fitness-2.png" alt="" /> AUTO PATTERN RECOGNITION <img src="http://consumer.huawei.com/minisite/nz/huawei-watch/assets/cbg/images/fitness-3.png" alt="" /> SINGLE ACTIVITY TRACKING <strong>ALL THE POWER OF ANDROID WEAR</strong> Powered by Android Wear, the Huawei Watch keeps you up to date with what matters most, with just a glance. Timely notifications help you prioritise right from your wrist, with a single swipe. Every interaction is effortless. Control your music on the go, use your favourite apps for a seamless experience, and improve your efficiency with Google Now.
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Huawei Magnetic Milanese Loop Stainless Steel Bands for Withings Activit Activit Pop or Activit Steel Tracking Watches and Watch Band at 1000.00 PHP from Mini In The Box
Huawei Magnetic Milanese Loop Stainless Steel Bands for Withings Activit Activit Pop or Activit Steel Tracking Watches and Watch Band
₱ 1,000.00 ₱ 1,200.00
Type:Milanese Loop; Band Material:Stainless Steel; For:Withings,Huawei; Size:18mm; Compatibility:Withings Activité Steel,Withings Activité Pop,Withings Activité,Huawei Watch
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