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How You Can Easily Apply Full Coverage Makeup with Huda Beauty Philippines

Many might think that full coverage makeup is difficult to achieve and will take hours of preparation. However, with the correct technique and products, applying full face of makeup is just a walk in the park. Beauty guru Huda Kattan ensures that all her Huda Beauty cosmetic products can help every enthusiast to improve their makeup game. All Huda Beauty products are free of cruelty, paraben, phthalate, talc and gluten so ladies (and men) with sensitive skin conditions have nothing to worry about.

To make this whole tutorial easier for beginners, you can divide up the steps. The order of application depends on every individual but in makeup, the steps usually comprise of base, eyes, and lips. Sounds quite simple, right?


Huda Beauty has not (yet) released their own foundations and other base products, but through Kattan’s blog, you can easily find different tips on how to pick the perfect foundation. Kattan suggests that you determine your skin tone first by paying attention to the color of your veins. People with green veins should opt for foundation with golden, yellow, or beige undertones while those with blue veins should look out for cool-toned foundation with beige and pink undertones. After that, you should also pay attention to your skin type and condition.

Once you’ve procured the perfect foundation, you can start building your base. Like constructing a skyscraper, you also need a good base for the rest of your makeup to rest on. Prep your skin with your usual skincare routine and apply primers or base oils as needed. Then, slowly build up the foundation coverage with a brush or a sponge (Kattan recommends a beauty blender). Avoid applying a whole bunch of foundation at once if you don’t want a cakey look. Instead, layer up the foundation until all blemishes and creases are covered.

If you can still see some blemishes or scars, this is where concealer comes to play. You can also use color-correcting concealer on discolored spots to even out the skin tone. Whichever way you want to use your concealer, you can either blend them out using a brush or your ring fingers. This is because the ring finger is the most delicate out of the five so it won’t smudge the foundation you’ve already applied.

Afterwards, you can proceed to contour the natural structure of the face or simply apply a few strokes of bronzer, blush, or Huda Beauty’s highlighter for a dewy, natural look. Set it with translucent powder for long-lasting coverage.


Now that you have built a strong base, you can continue with the eyes. Generally, the eyes are further divided into several areas: the eyebrows, the lids, the liner, and the lashes. Starting off with the eyebrows, you can fill them in however you want as long as it complements the facial features. To avoid bushy and thick-looking eyebrows, fill them in layer by layer with an eyebrow powder, gel, or pencil. Don’t forget to brush and groom them beforehand.

Next, the eyelids. To ease the process, the Huda Beauty Eyeshadow palettes contains a mixture of crème, matte, and metallic shadow that could be easily layered on. Start by applying a neutral shade all over the lid to act as a base. Then, pick a transition color and apply all over the crease. A transition shade is a color that can help merge and blend all the shadows together to create a seamless eye makeup. Lastly, apply the darkest color to your outer lids.

You can either apply eyeliner on the upper and lower lid or omit it altogether and put on a pair of Huda Beauty’s lashes instead. Huda Beauty’s false eyelashes come in four collections: Classic, Eazy Lash, Faux Mink, and Mink. Complete the eye makeup with a generous coating of mascara on the top and bottom lashes.


Last, but not least, the lips. The lip color you want to apply all depends on the overall makeup look you’re going for. For a bold look, you can try Huda Beauty’s liquid lipstick in darker shades like Heartbreaker, Material Girl, and Famous. For a more toned-down look, you can give the neutral matte shades like Venus, Crush, and Girlfriend a go. If you want your lips to appear plumper, try the Huda Beauty Lip Contour liner that comes in 16 shades that match with the Liquid Matte lipstick.

Now that you know the basic guidelines, you need to set your whole face if you want a long-lasting makeup that won’t smudge during night outings or events. You don’t want all your hard work to melt off your face after all. This is a crucial step especially for those with oily to combination skin.

We have to admit, Huda Beauty’s cosmetic products can be quite pricey since it still hasn’t penetrated the Southeast Asian market. However, through our numerous online partners, you can get all Kattan’s masterpieces at discounted prices. What are you waiting for? Add Huda Beauty products to your makeup bag and start learning how to apply full coverage makeup.