Huion is famous for its vast range of handwritten input digitizer products such as graphic tablets, pen tablet monitors and others. Read more about Huion in The Philippines here.

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Huion Philippines - Height Of Innovation

Rooted in the power of innovation, Huion stands out as one of the most promising brands that offers animation products and handwritten input digitizer products such as graphic tablets, pen tablet monitors, tracing boards and others. As it builds up its own expertise, skill and experience in developing its products, Huion is proud to say that its products are different than others as they incorporate more invaluable feedback from customers. Not surprisingly, Huion products are very popular because they have been designed to be simple to use. Whether you are amateur or professional, you will always find it pleasant and fun when using Huion products. After all, Huion is the champion of combining both creativity and comfort in its products.

Just as Huion products define the height of innovation with their amazing features and specifications, so too are they being increasingly user-friendly companions that become the darlings of graphic students and designers alike. In fact, they have became the preferred choice by them when it comes to efficient yet creative designing. As such, Huion has been regarded as one of the best in the graphic tablet industry.

About Huion Philippines - History Of Innovation

Established since 2000, Huion has been developing and researching its own technologies independently. Believing in the power of innovation, Huion pushed it further by emphasizing more on the key qualities of ingenuity. While many boasted that their products are original and genuine, few actually walked the talk like Huion. Aside from being an important trait that marks a brand to be so distinct from others, ingenuity also represents the soul, personality and purpose of a brand as it involves promoting and propagating certain set of ideas. In the case of Huion, its ingenuity enabled it to be driven purely by innovation alone. Such drive enabled Huion products to find their way in the hearts of their consumers as they were pleasantly surprised that its products offered them a totally different kind of experience. It was this strength that fuelled the growth and expansion of Huion beyond domestic market. Having found its footing in the market, its next step was to embark on a campaign of expansion.

Great Expansion That Begets Great Expectation

In just 10 years, Huion has managed to establish its footholds in Singapore, Taiwan, Philippines, Indonesia, France, South Korea, Japan, Netherlands, US and others. It was estimated that Huion was able to expand to more than 100 countries. At the same time, Huion also forged stronger strategic partnerships in countries such as Singapore, Colombia, Indonesia, Mexico, Poland, Russia, Belarus, Egypt, Slovenia and US. Through the power of Treehouse, it binds everyone from beginners to professionals in these countries together so that all of them can learn, develop, master and share their skills in using Huion products. There was an estimated 83,000 students and companies that enjoyed such benefit in this network. Back in China, Huion managed to open more than 50 stores in 30 cities alone. Growing stronger and bolder from strength to strength, Huion achieved CE, CCC and FCC recognitions that further proved the value and quality of its products. In fact, Huion was selected as the National Education Purchasing Guide as it became famous for its pen tablets that were being-sought by many people.

Huion Philippines - Transforming Your Digital Experience

Truly Creative Companion

Unleashing your inner creativity has never been that easier as Huion incorporates features that enable you to tap into your creative mind without being interrupted. As an example, Huion products contain highly sensitive pressure signal that can detect even the subtlest detail of your movement. In other words, such high level of sensitivity is very crucial when drawing or sketching digitally; they are able to translate what you sketch on the tablet into digital. In fact, it is as good as drawing and sketching on a paper. Huion takes this further by calibrating them to be more responsive than the usual ones that you find in the market.

Aside from having such exceptional feature that matches your level of creativity, it is still not enough if you do not have powerful software that accommodate such performance. As for Huion, it always makes sure that its products house the latest software which provide better user experience. All in all, the coordination of software, quality, feature and design of Huion products make them to be ideal companions that inspire higher level of creativity.

Amazing Huion Philippines Products That Exceed Your Expectation

Huion Graphic Tablets

For those that are well-versed in the art of graphic design, you will know about ubiquitous graphic tablets that have become part and parcel of every graphic design process. In the market of graphic tablets, Huion graphic tablets are among the best because they offer incredible performance despite being affordable. Not just that, you will enjoy more naturally and comfortably. At the same time, Huion graphic tablets are making sure that your work should be more efficient and simpler. Well-known Huion graphic tablets are Huion H420, Huion W58 and Huion H610.

Huion Pen Tablet Monitors

Renowned for its pen tablet monitors, Huion offers you the devices that can encourage and enhance your creativity. Delivering the perfect tool for the job, Huion pen tablet monitor enables you to release your creativity like never before. Amazing Huion pen tablet monitors that you should know are Huion GTS-190S, Huion GT-220 and Huion GT-185.

Huion Tracing Boards

Whether you are merely amateur or professional, Huion tracing board is crafted exclusively for you to do drawing, sketching, animation making, tattoo calligraphy and others. All Huion tracing boards are designed to be compact yet elegant at the same time. Aside from providing comfortable grip when using them, they have special acrylic surface that is considered to be stronger than glass while retaining the feeling of a glass. Thanks to these qualities, you can literally draw anything with Huion tracing boards. The popular Huion tracing boards are Huion A2 LED Light Pad, Huion A3 LED Light Pad and Huion A4 LED Light Pad.

Unleash Your Inner Creativity With Huion Philippines

Huion is proud to announce that it is one of the few brands in China that boasts independent intellectual property rights of handwritten input devices. All of them simply represent intuitive-based approach in unleashing your creativity while stretching your imagination to the fullest in your work. For the latest Huion products, you can check out Huion electronics as you can discover the newest deals there.