Today, more and more people are now choosing healthier options when it comes to their lifestyle. Among the most effective ways to detoxify and replenish your body’s vitamins is through juicing. Hurom Philippines offers a great variety of juicers that would certainly give you a health boost!

Hurom Appliances

Hurom Philippines- a Healthy Way to Juice

Famous for its slow juicers, Hurom Philippines started in 1974 with a goal to make the most delicious juice without compromising its health value. For over 40 years, the brand strived and continued to provide the best slow juicers and have won recognition over the past years, including Red Dot Design award, Good Design and International Designs and Excellence Award in 2013. Serving over 1 million customers in 70 countries, with 100 patented technologies, Hurom Philippines continues to strive to provide healthy and delicious options for consumers around the globe.

Aside from their countertop appliances and juicers, to better serve their customers, Hurom Philippines also has cafes in 18 locations and counting. Delivering only the healthiest and most flavorful juice recipes and treats for your friends and family.

Best Hurom Slow Juicers for you

Juicing has been around since 1990 but has further increased its popularity in the recent years. It has become a worldwide trend, and a delicious way to stay healthy. Hurom Philippines offers only the best juicers on your countertops with their patented LSTS or Low Speed Technology system which allows their slow juicers to press and masticate fruits and other solids in a mortar-and-pestle-like of grinding. This method allows more deep-seated nutrients to be extracted, and also breaks down phytonutrients which is contains all the vital nutrients and minerals needed, resulting in richer and healthier juice. So if you want to start a healthier lifestyle.

  • Hurom HU-100 Masticating Slow Juicer
  • Hurom Elite Slow Juicer Model HHSBB11
  • Hurom HU-400 Cold Press Juicer

Why Hurom?

Hurom is one of the world's best selling brand of juicers; this was possible through their dedication in research and development of their products, slowly molding it to what it is now. They're a trusted brand across the globe for their superior performance, value and quality, this is because of the following:

Slow Squeezing Technology (SST) only from Hurom

This innovative technology is exclusively found in Hurom juicers, mainly because this is a technology of their own making. The SST makes it possible to preserve the nutrients and the natural flavors of the fruits or vegetables while juicing them.

Boosts Nutrition and Natural Taste

The beauty of the SST is that it squeezes the juice slowly, allowing more juice to be extracted from the fruit or vegetable. With this, the natural flavor is more concentrated, giving out a fuller and richer taste, and nutrition too.

Mix a Variety of Ingredients with Ease

The juicer's cap allows it to easily place and mix assorted ingredients in the chamber, it removes the necessity for users to stir in order to mix the ingredients properly. You can easily mix and match various ingredients to your taste bud's liking.

Clean and Hygienic

The juicer's cap can be used for a drip free pouring of the juice into your glass, by doing so you can easily prevent the liquid from spilling. On the other hand, the Hopper Lid keeps the juicer dust free and prevents unwanted substances or tiny particles from entering the main chamber of the juicer when it is not in use.

Easy to Clean

Hurom juicers are equipped with an advanced cleaning features which makes it easy to clean: 1.) Simply rinse the chamber inside 2.) Close the juicer's cap and run the waters for instantly rinsing the chamber by itself 3.) The spinning brush that comes as an accessory of the juicer will brush the chamber and the strainer clean, simultaneously, in order to reduce clogging and make it more efficient for juicing.

Durable, Low Noise but Little Vibration

Hurom juicers are designed for home use. The material that are used to build these users are guaranteed to provide high durability, plus it's engineered to withstand extreme kitchen conditions. Also, it's greatly engineered so that it won't give out too much noise and vibration.

Safe to Use

Safety is of course the priority of every kitchenware. Harom's products are equipped with safety features that will prevent injuries to its users. Its juicers for one are equipped with a sensor that will only allow the unit to operate only when its chamber is completely assembled on the base. This state of the art feature is a great asset in making safe appliances.

Hurom Products

Hurom's products are primarily juicers. Their juicers come in different series, each sporting a different build, but with almost the same technology. These juicers are distinctly designed to emphasize a certain feature which are tailored towards the users convenience. The different series of Hurom products are as follows:

HE Series

This series of Hurom juicers are the first set of juicers that Hurom released. It's the first ever to incorporate a juice cap and the bowl. It features all the basics of a juicer.

HO Series

The smoothest model of Hurom juicers to date. It looks crisp, clean and classy.

HJ Series

This is designed for juicing beginners. It features a vertical slow juicer that could juice everything from fruits to vegetables.

HK Series

The juicer series that is designed to look sleek and stylish. It comes in Ivory and Wine color, and is the 2nd generation juicer for Hurom.