From Korean motor company to a household name, Hyundai Philippines has made life that much easier for us in the Philippines. Known as the affordable and practical car name, Hyundai Philippines has brought innovative car technology to us. Find out more about 3 of the best Hyundai cars in the Philippines below.

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The Best Cars from Hyundai Philippines

Hyundai Philippines may not be a brand that comes to mind when we think about innovation. As the brand is used as a symbol of cheap and budget cars, Hyundai is sometimes not taken seriously. You may have to justify it to your brand-conscious friends. The brand we all know as a car and vehicle brand is much more than that. The truth is, Hyundai Philippines has, for many years brought innovative technology to our shores.

The brand initially brought in electricals and heavy machinery, but today it is one of the biggest car companies in the world. Here in the Philippines, Hyundai’s iconic cars are becoming ever so popular. Let’s look at three of Hyundai’s famous cars throughout its history.

Hyundai Veloster

2-door cars are cool. 3-door cars are even cooler. The concept of this 3-door car was materialized in the Hyundai Veloster. Putting the 3rd door to open on the side of the curb, Hyundai Philippines made the Veloster practical and spacious enough to bring your kids along. Fun fact: Some speculate that the name Veloster was a play on words in regards to the word Velociraptor.

Sporting a standard 1.6L petrol engine, with one Turbo variant, the Veloster was not one to shout out. Its looks, however, are a huge statement. With swooping sheet metal across the tail-lights that provide more definition to the rear, along with an aggressive front end, the Veloster brings in the future of Hyundai’s style. In the US, the Veloster is considered a fresh graduate's car as it is affordable and simple to the drive. In the Philippines, although its price is relatively high, it still makes a good car for small families or for those who want to make a statement. As the latest variant of the Veloster sees an upgrade in the engine and turbo, along with refined handling, the Veloster will become a contender in the Philippines car market.

Hyundai Coupe

We do not think of Hyundai Philippines as a sports car company. But Hyundai Philippines took the world by surprise when it released its Hyundai Coupe (Hyundai Tiburon). Known as one of the ugliest coupe cars when it first came out, the Tiburon has undergone a facelift since then. The most recent update to its looks brought it up to speed on the coupe-type looks.

As for specs, the Coupe came with a 2.0L four-cylinder engine when it was introduced in 1996 and standard seats. On following models in 1999 onwards, more sporty seats were introduced along with sporty tires and a more refined drivetrain system. The suspension also was tuned by Porsche to be more racing tuned. Even though production of the Hyundai Coupe has stopped, we continue to see them on our roads thanks to fuel efficiency and unique looks.

If the Hyundai Coupe tells us anything at all, it is that Hyundai Philippines as a car maker is innovative and takes up the challenge to build newer, sportier cars.

Hyundai Getz

Sometimes less is more. The same can be said about the Hyundai Getz. This hot hatch brought the concept of the compact vehicle to the next level. The styling may not be much to look at, but its fuel efficiency coupled with user-friendly features and practical specs made the Getz a logical option when purchasing a car.

Hyundai’s automotive presence was enhanced with the Getz. The Getz came with two options; a 4-door and 2-door. Made more for those who are first-time car buyers or for those who want something small and nippy to zip around tight corners of the city, the Getz became immensely popular in the early 2000s. The practical 1.4L petrol engine gave the lightweight chassis adequate boost enough to take up to 5 passengers at one go! Both a manual and automatic version were launched, with the manual getting more positive user reviews.

Until today, the Hyundai Getz makes an impression on the car market. Many young people take advantage of its low second-hand price tag while others go into modifications of the Getz.

Hyundai’s other products

Now that you know more about the three influential Hyundai cars in the Philippines, you might also want to look into the other products from the famous car brand. Although Hyundai Philippines is known for its cars, it also specializes in making everything from electrical appliances for the home, audio and hi-fi equipment, computer gear, and other accessories that go along with the larger brand of Hyundai Philippines. Today, you can take advantage of these awesome merchandises from Hyundai too! With many of these products centered on Hyundai cars, you can take advantage of these products to upgrade and install them in your cars.