i-Fern produces some of the best beauty products and supplements in the Philippines, offered at reasonable prices. Some of their best products include i-Fern supplements and i-Fern skincare products. Browse the latest i-Fern products or find out more about iFern below.


iFern FAQs: 2020 Guide to iFern Products and Prices

What is i-Fern?

i-Fern is a Filipino company that relies on network marketing and engages in direct selling. Besides promoting good health through its beauty products and supplements, iFern is dedicated to giving lucrative business opportunities to its members. They boast four world-class products: FERN-D, FERN-ACTIV, MilkCa, and Silverfresh.

What are benefits of fern D?

The main benefit of FERN-D is it can help lower the risk of having grave diseases such as bone fractures, cancer, diabetes, muscle weakness, tuberculosis, and so much more. FERN-D is basically a Vitamin D3 supplement which is also known as "cholecalciferol".

When should I drink Fern D?

Take Fern D by mouth as instructed on the packaging. It’s best to take Fern D after a meal since it is when Vitamin D is best absorbed by the body.

What is iFern price list?

As of 2020, the price of iFern products in the Philippines range from ₱ 220.00 to ₱ 990.00. iFern supplements, bath and body, and skincare products are available on leading e-marketplaces like Shopee and Lazada.

i-Fern Products Price List 2020

iFern Products



i-fern Fern - Activ Vitamins And Minerals Dietary Supplement 500Mg

₱ 690.00


I-Fern Milka Calcium 750mg - 60 capsules

₱ 990.00


I-Fern Aurora Beauty Soap- Ifern

₱ 220.00


I-Fern Milkca (60 Capsules)

₱ 990.00


I-Fern FERN-D (60 Softgel capsules)

₱ 500.00


I-Fern FERN D 60 Capsules

₱ 499.00


I-Fern Aurora Beauty Bar

₱ 300.00


I-Fern Fern D 60 Soft Gel Capsules

₱ 450.00


I-Fern Aurora Day And Night Cream - Cod

₱ 799.00


I-Fern Aurora Whitening Lotion

₱ 550.00


How do I know if my fern D is real?

An authentic Fern D must not have any of the following distinguishing features:

  • Oval soft gel capsule
  • Clear, pale yellowish color
  • Pale yellowish oily liquid with fishy odor which is not comparable to the odor of original Fern D.

What is Fern activ?

FERN-ACTIV from iFern Philippines contains B-Vitamins that help support cell health, good eyesight, normal brain function, and good digestion. B-Vitamins convert carbohydrates and protein into energy. Check out the latest FERN-ACTIV price in the Philippines on www.i-fern.com.