We would probably all agree the oven or oven(s) are a vital part of a fully functional kitchen. Whether you cook daily or only a few times a year during the holidays, the oven is a big part of that activity. Learn more about Imarflex ovens in the Philippines below.

How often should I clean oven?

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How to Clean Your Imarflex Oven Philippines

Since the inside of your oven is usually out-of-sight, it may also be out-of-mind until you’re ready to use it and discover that it’s pretty messy. Even then, you may just shrug and place that pan of luscious chocolate cake batter into a dirty oven. Later you wonder why the cake flavor is a bit off and tastes smokey or a bit charred. It’s because your oven is dirty and odors and flavors transfer to the food.

How Often to Clean the Oven

Your cleaning routine depends upon your cooking routine. Spills and overflows should be cleaned as soon as possible. If you use your oven daily, it will need to be cleaned at least seasonally or when you see one or more of these signs:

  • The door is splattered with grease or grime.
  • The bottom of the oven has crusty food or residue that looks burned.
  • A burning or greasy odor arises when the oven is turned on.
  • Smoke appears when the oven is turned on.

Empty the Oven and Put on Protective Gear

Remove all the racks, thermometers, and any pizza stones or broiler pans you may store in the oven. Many commercial cleaners contain harsh chemicals that can irritate skin and cause eye damage. Wear gloves and protect your eyes with safety glasses.

Place paper towels or newspapers on the floor around the oven to catch any drips that could damage the flooring. Make sure the kitchen is well-ventilated by turning on the fan in the stove hood,

Spray the Cleaner in the Oven

Following the directions on the product label, spray the interior of the oven coating every surface including the door. Do not spray the cleaner on electric heating elements or gas vents. Close the door. Most cleaners take 20 to 30 minutes to work.

Clean the Oven Racks

If possible, take the oven racks outside and spray them with the cleaner. Make sure to spray both sides of the racks. Place each rack inside a heavy-duty garbage bag and close it tightly for 20 to 30 minutes.

Wipe Down Oven and Racks

After the appropriate amount of time has passed, use a damp cloth or sponge to wipe down all the surfaces in the interior of the oven and the racks. If food is still stuck to the surface, use a wet melamine eraser to scrub it away. You will need to rinse the sponge frequently in clean water as you work.

Reassemble the Oven

Once everything is clean, place the racks back in the ovens and it’s ready to use.