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Food videos have become one of the most shared and liked videos on current social media. Short cooking video clips of Nutella Soufflé, One-Pan Lasagna and Roast Lamb For Easter to name a few have inspired many to give cooking a try at home. And to make all these, you will need a trusty oven that will bake them up to perfection. Imaflex Oven will be the ideal choice, click here to learn more.

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Get quality home appliances by Imaflex Philippines

Cooking made easy with Imaflex Oven Philippines

Imarflex has one of the widest and most extensive product lines in the Home Appliance industry to date. Imarflex makes water heaters, professional vacuum cleaners, health scales, air circulators, air purifiers, induction cookers, and of course Imaflex Ovens. Being a brand that dominates many household in the Philippines, Imaflex is a well-trusted brand that has a huge consumer following.

Imaflex’s signature Turbo Broiler and slow cooker (launched back in the 70s) can still be found in current households in the Philippines today. Its durability and quality that captures the hearts and likes of consumers until today. Always living up to its slogan, “We do it first. We do it best”, Imaflex strives to meet the modern consumers’ needs and expectations while upholding its commitment to service.

With a trusty Imaflex Oven, cooking can be so much simpler and worry-free. Prepare meals even during hectic days can be just a knob turn away with the Imarflex Oven Toaster.

Imarflex Oven Toaster allows you to:

  • Bake
  • Toast
  • Broil
  • Roast

With a heat selector and a variable temperature switch, you can make a large variety of dishes. Packaged with the oven is a deep tray dish that will help minimize your clean up time after and also gather the succulent juices from the roasting meat into the dish. Just set the required time and you can free yourself to do other tasks. Don’t have to worry about over-cooking or burning your food as you can watch your food’s cooking progress through the transparent glass panel. With a 9-litre capacity, you could even fit a whole chicken in it, dishes like pizzas, cakes and bread can be made in it.

Imaflex Oven Philippines — Small, compact and affordable

So, why get an unattached or not built-in oven? Even though we agree that built-in ovens look way cooler and neat for your kitchen, it actually takes up one stagnant corner of your kitchen. You can’t move it around too, which is kind of sad when you just want to baked some fries or reheat that delicious leftover pie by the picnic table beside the pool. You will have to make them in your kitchen and miss out on your kid’s first dive in the pool from the new pool slide or feel left out later after cooking when you try to join in the conversations of your visitors. Get a portable Imaflex Oven and cook where with the people you care about are, lightweight and compact, it is really easy.

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