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An apple a day keeps the doctor away; a face mask a day keeps the skin shiny and all your skin troubles away. Innisfree Facial Masks are the easiest solution for your skin. Click here to learn how Innisfree can help you with all your skin troubles.

Brand from South Korea: Innisfree. This transparent mask sheet is made from 100% natural cellulose, adheres well to face to deliver nutrients deep into skin. Fresh Water Type: Bamboo, Green Tea, Tea Tree, Lime, Rose, Broccoli. Moisturizing Essence Type: Cucumber, Aloe, Manuka Honey, Pomegranate, Fig, Tomato. Rich Cream Type: Shea Butter, Acai Berry, Rice, Coconut, Ginseng, Oat Meal. Cucumber: Replenishes ample moisture and brightens skin tone, leaving radiant and vital complexion. Bamboo: Deeply moisturizes dry skin. Aloe: Soothes irritated skin and offers ample moisture. Greentea: Hydrates dry skin with fresh moisture, leaving bright and clear complexion. Manuka Honey: Delivers ample nutrients and moisture to skin. Shea Butter: Provides moisture and nutrients deep into skin. Pomegranate: Improves on wrinkles and resilience for expressing radiant and firm skin. Tea Tree: Enriched with refreshing tea tree ingredients for bright and clear skin. Lime: Enhances dull skin into bright and clear complexion. Rose: With whitening function, leaving skin a soft and radiant look. Acai Berry: Offers rich nutrients to revitalize skin into resilient and radiant one. Rice: Brightens up dull skin tone with rich nutrients from rice. Broccoli: The vitamin-rich yellowish green broccoli leaves skin look bright and hydrated. Tomato: Revitalizes fatigued skin with ample nutrients and moisture. Fig: Enriched with vitamins to brighten up dull complexion and smoothes skin. Ginseng: Improves wrinkles and delivers moisture and vitality to skin. Oat Meal: Moisturizes dry skin to achieve smooth and supple one. Coconut: Smoothes out rough and dry skin while hydrating it. How to use: 1. After cleansing, apply toner to soothe skin. 2. Place the mask sheet on face. 3. After 10-20 minutes, remove the sheet and gently dab the remaining essence for better absorption. Read more

Skincare made easy in a sheet — get Innisfree Facial Mask sheets at iprice

Innisfree — experience the gift of pure natural ingredients

Using pure and natural ingredients in Jeju Island, Innisfree is the first beauty brand that originated from South Korea. Designated and protected as the World's Natural and Cultural Heritages by UNESCO, Innisfree sources all its ingredients from the jewel of the South Sea of Korea.

Experience the harmony of nature and healthy beauty with Innisfree Facial Mask sheets and other products like Innisfree Toner, Innisfree Sun Protection and Innisfree Moisturizer.

Three types of Innisfree facial masks

  • It’s Real Squeeze Mask
  • Skin Clinic Mask
  • Second Skin Mask

The K-beauty trend has populated the whole world, be part of the beautiful discovery of Korean skincare with Innisfree facial masks. Putting on facial masks on a weekly or twice per week regime is now outdated. Due to presently harsher weather and increasing air pollution globally, our skin is losing its vitality faster than before. But do not fret as Innisfree has come out with an easy solution for all (yes, men can use facial masks too!). Use one piece of facial mask everyday is the new beauty secret to have flawless skin.

Discover the simple beauty secret of Innisfree facial mask sheets.

it’s real squeeze mask

Skin clinic mask

Second Skin mask

  • With a 3-layer sheet, essence of the mask sheet is locked-in, allowing a higher absorption rate when the sheet is applied on the face
  • Mask essence are made from freshly squeezed juice of plants
  • Comes in 16 different types to address various skin conditions
  • Mask sheet made of 100% natural cotton wool. It’s very thin and transparent.
  • Mask sheets are infused with 100% natural fragrance and mild formula. Free from animal ingredients, mineral oils, colorants and phenoxyethanol
  • Comes in 7 types: vita C, collagen, BHA, hyaluronic acid, catechin and madecassoside, to suit various skin concerns
  • Skin-like mask sheet texture, essence enriched with skin-vitalizing ingredients can be fully absorbed.
  • Helps to improve the skin in 5 ways: lift-up, brightening, anti-trouble, nourishing and moisture.

Try the it’s real Rice mask and it’s real Aloe mask. These two mask sheets are highly recommended by users.

Try the Skin clinic Mask (Collagen) to restore skin vitality.

Try the Second Skin (Anti-trouble) mask to improve the skin’s overall health.

If sheet masks are not your preferred beauty regime, check out Innisfree Wash-off Masks packs and Sleeping Masks. Other special masks like the Innisfree Jeju Volcanic Nose Pack, Innisfree Jeju Volcanic Blackhead 3 Step Program and Innisfree Eco Science Eye Mask are also top picks among users of the brand.

Start exploring K-beauty skincare now with Innisfree that’s available at iprice Philippines.

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