Intex pools are some of the best portable swimming pools, offered at reasonable prices. Other best-selling products from Intex Philippines include Intex inflatable bouncers which are sought-after for their easy installation and material. Browse the latest Intex swimming pools, or find out more about Intex Philippines below!

Different Types of Intex pools | Can you leave Intex pools up all year? | How can I make my Intex pool last longer?

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Intex Philippines: Everything You Need to know about Intex Swimming Pools

The Philippines has warm humid weather throughout the year, so having your very own Intex pool in the home compound is a great luxury addition. And with its portability, you can place it at your liking (considering the safety of course!). In the backyard with flat, level ground, or bring it along when you go for camping trips, or in the neighborhood park so all the kids can have some splashing good times with neighboring friends and parents can catch up over food while supervising the kids.

Intex Philippines: the leading manufacturer of pools, airbeds, and spas

Intex Recreation Corp is a company that distributes airbeds, above-ground pools, spas, toys, furniture, boats, and more. Also part of a worldwide family of companies with more than 40 years of brand heritage, Intex strives to deliver the highest quality products at an affordable price, all designed for comfort, safety, and fun of all its product users.

Intex makes outstanding merchandise that many people around the globe give recognition, trust, and brand love towards Intex for ensuring its products are of world-class and high quality as they are routinely tested to make sure that all end products meet Intex elevated standards for quality, safety and value.

As our environment becomes more fragile by the minute, Intex is also very committed to decreasing its carbon footprint. For more than 10 years, Intex has been continuously working with its suppliers to reduce the number of fossil fuels used. This is to ensure that Intex products have a smaller impact on mother nature overall, it is after all the only planet that we humans can live in.

Intex or as it was known back then as The Wet Set has transformed in its design. The very first Intex inflatable product was a beach ball! Yup, the colorful beach ball that makes water pools and beaches a friendlier environment for those who can’t swim well or even for people that have a phobia of water or the sea. With Intex, people can now have fun with the water with fewer concerns, still have to follow the recommended guidelines though, to avoid any mishaps and unwanted incidents while in the water.

Intex Philippines Product Guide

You always have an option of building your very own outdoor or indoor pool for that ultimate luxury but it does cost quite a fair bit, and yes you can also drive to the nearby swimming arena or to the beaches to have some water fun time, but if you have Intex portable pool, you can have fun in the water at almost any time you please.

Different Types of Intex pools

Metal Frame

make your backyard a place to entertain family and friends. Ideal for families that use their backyards for multiple purposes such as exercise, relaxing, or playing water games. These pools have a sturdy frame structure with PVC sidewalls and are designed to be easily installed and ready for some splashing fun times within an hour. They can be used for many years too, a great outdoor fun investment.

Oval Frame

Intex oval-shaped pools are a great bridge between Easy Set and Rectangular Metal Frame pools, combining the benefits of both. Quick and easy to assemble, with additional support from the snap-on steel frame on the sides as support, you will have a bigger swimming area!

Ultra Frame

Intex Ultra Frame Pools are made with reinforced 3-ply material and are stronger and easier to assemble. The pool has a unique shape to the frame which allows the pieces to fit together so smoothly and securely that there is no need for separating locking pins. The premium of all Intex pools, the pool has a soft grey laminated pool liner, brilliant white copings, and blue tile interior pattern, adding a certain pleasing aesthetics to any backyard.

Intex Indoor Airbeds

Indoor Airbeds that provide convenience. Engineered and tested for restful sleep that rivals a traditional mattress, Intex indoor air beds combine high-quality features like plush flocking, lavish foam, pillow rests, interconnected air pocket systems, and more to guarantee the ultimate sleeping experience.

Now you can sleep at your friends’ place in comfort or provide economical and space-saving beds to your beloved guests. Having an extra indoor airbed can also serve as an extra spare bed if any case your usual bed breaks.

Intex Outdoor Airbeds

Outdoor Airbeds allow you to enjoy a piece of luxury in the great outdoors! Specifically designed for nature lovers, Intex camping airbeds can handle virtually any terrain you choose to explore. Bring one along with you on your adventures and bask in the style, durability, and comfort they offer.

You can also place it in the trunk for road trips and use the bed in your car if you are caught out in a really bad storm and could not pitch up a tent. Index Outdoor airbeds are convenient and easy to set up in a time of need for a comfortable night's sleep.

Can you leave Intex pools up all year?

In countries with warm climates like the Philippines, Intex recommends keeping your pool up. You may not need to winterize your pool at all, especially if you use your pool on a regular basis. For countries that experience winters, users must winterize the pool when keeping it full throughout the season.

How long do Intex pools last?

Intex is a popular manufacturer of temporary above-ground pools. Their lifespan depends on a number of factors, but the simple answer is that the inflatable pools will last 2-4 years and the metal frame types will last between 4-8 years.

How can I make my Intex pool last longer?

Clean Frequently

Vacuum the pool whenever the bottom starts looking dirty, typically once every few days. Clean out the filter cartridge every few days with a hose. Although it is recommended that you replace the filter every two weeks, it will last a month or two if you wash it out regularly.

Inspect the Liner

Check for rips in the liner when you set up your pool each year. Tears can also occur in the inflatable ring in the Easy Set pool. Finding and repairing rips before you fill the pool with water is much easier than trying to patch a pool full of water. Ensure that the plastic covers on the pool ladder legs remain intact as the unprotected legs can tear the liner.

Set up Your Pool on an Even Surface

Find a level spot in your yard to set up the pool. If the pool is set up on an uneven surface, there will be too much pressure on the deep end of the pool and the pool may burst at the seams.

Where can I buy Intex swimming pools in the Philippines?

You can check out the brand's swimming pools on its official store on Lazada and Shopee.