Smartphones and tablets today are becoming more powerful with each passing generation, and so are the games that are being developed for it. As the games get more complex however, it also gets a bit limiting to play on just a touchscreen. Game controllers from ipega help to make these mobile games a little bit easier to play, as users will be able to get the very same console-like experience. Read more here.

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Ipega PG-9057 ₱ 890.00 Shopee
Ipega PG-9017S ₱ 150.00 Shopee
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Ipega Philippines

What is ipega Philippines?

Ipega is an electronics peripheral and devices manufacturer of 12 years in manufacturing that specializes in mobile accessories that are specialized for gaming, such as controllers for smartphones and tablets. Their headquarters is based in Hong Kong and has their own research and development as well as a factory located in the Baoan district of Shenzhen to produce all of their products in-house, from the starting design to the final product.

Majority of their products are old under their own brand, but they also act as an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) for major brands all over the world in Europe, North America, Asia, and Australia. The brands they produce products for include Wal-Mart, Toys 'R' Us, and even Philips; providing different services and products to meet the many different needs of their clients and customers.

Ensuring High Quality Standards

Ipega's products all undergo strict quality control and testing before entering the markets and placed on shelves. Their quality control process begins from the very beginning of the production line all the way to the final process, the materials used are also meticulously controlled to ensure that the game controllers are of high quality when it reaches your hands.

This is why that there is no doubt when it comes to the products of ipega. Their controllers are all designed from the scratch up to bring new methods of gaming and new levels of comfort in their game controllers, allowing the users to enjoy and experience their mobile games to its fullest.

Why ipega game controllers?

With a bevy of other mobile game controllers out there in the market, it can be difficult to ensure that you will be choosing the right one with the best quality to ensure the greatest reliability it can offer you through your mobile gaming sessions. You want to win, not lose.

  • Durable materials resulting in much better longevity and lifespan through daily wear and tear.
  • Intensive research into design ergonomics enables ipega to produce game controllers and accessories that fit better in your hand. The controller grips fit naturally in the contours of your hand which lessens the chances of any fatigue during your long mobile gaming sessions.
  • Intuitive designs that are not only awesome looking, but very functional as well. Almost all of ipega's controllers feature easy access buttons to help you pair with your smartphones faster, and also come with fold out and retractable clips to hold your smartphone or tablet in the controller for better game immersion.
  • Ipega controllers also have great compatibility with most mobile operating systems, being able to pair easily with both Android and iOS smartphones and tablets. Android smartphones and tablets have greater compatibility and functions due to the nature of its operating system being open source.
  • All of the ipega controllers also have incredibly responsive buttons and controls, making it a breeze to play games. The buttons feel good to press and the analogue sticks have the right amount of tension to make it easy to control and fast responses ensure you are always winning.
  • Ipega controllers do away with wires and opt for the use of a Bluetooth connection, which keeps things clutter free and easy to manage.

Ipega Products

Ipega produces a lot of accessories and products for smartphones and tablets, but they are clearly best known for their line of gaming controllers, bringing superior control to those who want to play better. Each of their game controllers are given model numbers instead of names, as they have an extremely vast lineup of controllers.

Most of their controllers are meant to go with smartphones, as they commonly feature a clip to hold the smartphones in place like a handheld console. There are also a select few controllers that are meant to fit tablets, splitting wide in the middle to accommodate a tablet for better gaming controls. Check out some of the more popular ipega controllers in the market:

Ipega PG-9021

The ipega PG-9021 Bluetooth controller looks like a rather traditional type of controller. Fans of gaming consoles – the Xbox, in particular – will immediately recognize the design and button layout of the ipega PG-9021. Its design is clearly inspired by the famous Xbox controller, which is very comfortable in the hands, with each button and layout all in the right places and within easy reach. It also has extra buttons to control music playback and volume of the device it is connected to.

Ipega PG-9028

The ipega PG-9028 is a slightly different Bluetooth controller than others: At the center of the controller sits a small 2-inch touchpad that users can use to scroll and navigate through the smartphone and their games. On the bottom sits five extra buttons that control music playback and volume. The PG-9028 also features a soft-touch finish on its body, offering a more comfortable and secure grip during gaming sessions.

If you are looking for a Bluetooth controller for all your gaming needs on a smartphone or tablet, then ipega is definitely the brand for you!