Iwata offers some of the best air coolers in the Philippines, along with top-notch brands like Hanabishi, Samsung, Panasonic, LG, Dyson, Philips, and Imarflex. Iwata air coolers are sought after for their innovative features and specifications. Browse the latest Iwata appliances, or find out more about Iwata below.


Top Iwata Price List 2021

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Iwata CM14-UFO Electric Fan

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Iwata Air Cooler FAQs: Price, Availability, and More!

What is Iwata air cooler price in the Philippines?

As of August 2020, the price of Iwata air cooler in the Philippines ranges from ₱ 2,995.00 to ₱ 23,000.00. Iwata air coolers are available on leading e-marketplaces in the Philippines like Shopee and Lazada.

Iwata Air Cooler Price List - August 2020

Iwata Air Cooler Products



Iwata AQUACOOL17-2 water dispenser -Water Tank Capacity

₱ 7,595.00


Iwata Aircooler Cm14Ec X1

₱ 4,500.00


Iwata ISMART-1801 WATER DISPENSER - Water Tank Capacity

₱ 4,995.00


Iwata Air Cooler Airblaster X Brand New

₱ 10,850.00


Iwata Turbo Air Eco 125R Air Cooler

₱ 23,000.00


Iwata Tornado Grille EXF-G16 Exhaust Fan

₱ 3,890.00


Iwata Cm15Dd-2 Compact Electronic Dish Dryer

₱ 2,995.00


Iwata Airblaster-13R Air Cooler

₱ 15,995.00


Iwata AIRMAX 2.4W Industrial Wall Fan

₱ 4,995.00


Iwata CM20DDUV-4 Electronic Dish Dryer with UV

₱ 5,995.00


Iwata Philippines: 3 Things to Consider Before Buying an Air Cooler

Before buying an air cooler, it’s important to consider the costs, climate, and specifications.


Air coolers such as those from Iwata Philippines vary to a great extent in power consumption. Over a year’s time, electricity consumption differs immensely amongst various models. It is best to buy an air cooler that comes with an inverter, as this can potentially reduce energy consumption and earn you great cost savings, unlike older systems.


Choose air coolers based on the climate of the place where you live. You can select from portable, desert, or evaporative coolers. Opt for evaporative coolers if you prefer cooling indoor places during warm weather. However, it’s important to understand how evaporative air coolers work in order for you to decide which cooling solution is best for your environment.

To effectively cool your home using an evaporative cooler, there should be an abundance of hot, dry air. As such, evaporative air coolers work best in humid places. If your place has a large area such as a hall, opt for desert air coolers. They provide better cooling, provide more power, and don’t take much space. If you have a smaller space, portable air coolers are the best option.


Before choosing an air cooler, it’s important to note the specifications of the model you have been eyeing to buy. Consider the following features when you go out to buy an air cooler for your home.

  • Speed - Most air coolers come with options for regulating speed. Get a variable speed cooler that allows you to control fan speed. At the same time, go for air coolers that produce less noise and good cooling effect.
  • Thickness of pads - Cooler pads in air coolers should be 90mm thick in order to deliver optimal performance. Bear in mind that pad thickness is a key factor to get well-cooled air.
  • Water Level Controller - Get an air cooler that is equipped with an automatic water level controller that will allow you to set it at pre-set levels, preventing it from seeping out.
  • Remote Control - Like any other accessory, a remote control makes an air cooler easy and convenient to operate. This also allows you to set the fan speed of your choice.
  • Shutoff Dampeners - These are flaps in the discharge of air cooler fans that minimize the loss of cooling. The flaps are also present in the duct that works when the fan starts and closes, or when the fan is turned off.