One of the best streetwear and casual brands today, JAG Philippines gives you a selection of jeans, tops, and accessories that you would certainly love! Scroll down below and take home your own pair of high-quality denim garments, tees, tops, and shirts or click here to know more about JAG Philippines.


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An Exciting New and Edgy Look with JAG Philippines

Owned by Colorado Group Ltd, JAG has been providing excellent clothing options for more than 44 years. Specializing in casual streetwear, the brand is greatly known for their jeans and denim clothing line, presenting edgy designs from tees, tops, shirts, accessories and bags. What makes JAG special is their attention to detail on all their designs; every stitch, every fabric is carefully made and selected, so if you want to add a little spice to your closet, choose JAG Philippines.

JAG Philippines - our story

Born from the land down under. JAG started out in Melbourne, Australia in 1972 and was founded by Adele Palmer. With a passion and vision for high-fashion, Adele used the most uncommon medium to materialize her designs - denim. With the boom of the jeans era in the 70s, JAG became a star and became an iconic brand of the era with names such as Mick Jagger, and Steve McQueen, wearing the brand on and off the stage. Because of its popularity, the brand has become an icon of denim clothing, and is renowned as one of the best Australian denim brand around the world. Today, the brand is devoted to producing denim and everything that is worn back with it.

About Colorado Group Ltd.

The company that made JAG possible, Colorado Group Limited is an Australian company which owns and operates several retail brands, including JAG. Based in Brisbane, Australia, the company started out in 1864 and is later known for its fusion retail brands. The company has 434 stores in Australia and New Zealand alone, and employs more than 3,800 individuals.

Fabulous products from JAG Philippines

If you want to be casual and edgy, then JAG has some of the most amazing products available. Their wide selection let’s you choose and shop for your favorite garments online! JAG Philippines has some of the most fabulous products available, including their iconic jeans collection. You can take a quick look at available products from the brand here.


As a clothing icon, JAG Philippines has a selection of different clothing goods, specializing in denim and denim jeans for both men and women. The brand is mostly well known for its iconic jeans collection which differ in fit, fabric, and design; their jean collections would definitely blow you away. On top of that, tops, shirts, tees, knitwear, skirts, dresses and shorts are also available from JAG clothing. Because of their selection, you can easily find the latest designs that would certainly fit your edgy taste.


Bags are the best fashion accessories you can have. To complete your edgy look, JAG Philippines has a great number of bags particularly sling bags, saddle bags, totes, and fashionable bucket bag. Made from high-quality leather, JAG bags would definitely complete your outfit.


When you talk about accessories, JAG Philippines has some of the best array of sunglasses, watches, scarves, and belts available to fully complete your look. The brand assures quality and a range of designs available to suit your taste.

Different types of denim from JAG Philippines

Among the brand’s most popular products, denim is a cotton fabric which traditionally is dyed blue to create its iconic look. Compared to other textiles, denim uses a till weave with diagonal weaving, making it sturdy and strong. Originally worn by men, today, denim garments are made for everyone; your closet is never complete without a single denim piece. There are three types of denim: (1)selvedge, (2) stretch denim, and (3) waxed denim.


Selvedge denim is a type of denim which is characterized by its thick and stiff fabric with edges that don’t unravel. The term “selvedge” comes from the phrase “self edge” from its most distinguishable characteristic. Among the most amazing things about selvedge denim jeans is that it bears the mark of its owner: it gets worn out when you wear it, so after 5 to 7 months, you get a unique pair of jeans which conforms according to your body shape.

Stretch denim

A modern touch to denim jeans, stretch denim is made of 98% denim and 2% spandex, making it stretchable and thin. These type of jeans are mostly worn by women with the modern skinny jeans trend but men also have their own rendition of stretch denim in the form of straight cut jeans.

Waxed denim

While most of us love the blue shades of traditional denim jeans, waxed denim let’s you break away from it. As the name suggest, waxed denim is simply waxed, resulting in a jet-black shine with texture almost similar to leather minus the thickness. If you want to wear jeans without the rough-rider look, then a waxed denim jeans would be perfect for you.

JAG Philippines has some of the widest selection, not only of jeans but also of different garments such as tops, shirts, dresses. The brand also has bags and accessories that would give you a casual, edgy look. Bring home your own pair of JAG jeans and clothing here or view more brands online such as DKNY, Diesel, Levi's, Penshoppe, Bench, and so much more!

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