Living the fitness life but unable to find a pair of headset that will match your lifestyle? Then look no further as Jaybird is known for their quality headsets that are stylish, functional and created especially for people with an active lifestyle! Click here to learn more about this awesome brand!

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Jaybird Philippines: Music on the Go

Jaybird Philippines: Created by an Athlete for Athletes

Known for its Bluetooth sports headsets, Jaybird is brand that delivers products made to be stylish, functional, comfortable and convenient for use. Jaybird was founded by an Australian entrepreneur in 2006. Judd Armstrong, Jaybird’s founder, created the brand after being constantly disappointed with the performance of headphones for athletes at that time. He wanted a product that is sweat-resistant, non-restrictive and great for someone with an active lifestyle. With that want in mind, he went on to establish Jaybird in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Jaybird Philippines: Top-Notch Audio Performance for Athletes

The company has built a name for itself in the industry as a brand that is well suited for fitness enthusiasts. It is known for its wireless earbuds that were designed to provide quality audio performance without the tangled mess of wires from most other headsets. Without the hassle of wires, you can take Jaybird’s earphones with you for a run or when you are playing beach volleyball with your friends and never have to worry that you might accidentally rip off the headset or snap the wire. The company has come up with a number of headsets. Among them, here are a couple that we feel would be of interest to you:

  • Jaybird X2
  • Jaybird Freedom

Jaybird X2: Where the World of Audio and Sports Collide

This pair of wireless in-ear headphones is perfect for people who are looking for performance, ease of use and comfort. The earphone comes packaged with 3 sets of Comply foam ear tips (perfect for comfort!) as well as 3 sets of silicone ear tips. It also comes with 3 different-sized ear fins that will help hold the earbuds in place. In addition to that, the Jaybird X2 comes with an attractive carrying case that will keep your earphones sage and protected when stuffed into your gym bag.

Now moving onto the headphones itself! The Jaybird X2 is compatible with both iOS and Android phones. The headset comes with an inline remote that lets you control the volume, skip songs and answer/cancel phone calls without ever having to touch your phone! The earpieces are a little on the large side, but that is okay as it allows for a more improved battery life (as compared to other headphones of this particular type). The sound quality for the headphones is pretty impressive, delivering accurate bass performance as well as clear mid and high notes.

Jaybird Freedom: Bringing You the Latest Wireless Sound Technology

These earbuds may be the smallest you have ever seen, but it can pack quite a punch (audio-wise, of course)! The small size of the Jaybird Freedom solves Jaybird X2’s bulky issues, making it easy for you to use the earbuds under a helmet or a snug-fitting hat. The in-ear headphones also comes with the same remote as the Jaybird X2, the only difference is that it is a little bigger and heavier. The Jaybird Freedom comes packaged with 3 sets of silicone ear tips, foam ear tips and ear fins for the user’s comfort and fit as well as a pouch to store your headset safely. The Jaybird Freedom only has 4 hours of battery life, but that is definitely good enough if you are only going to use them for workouts.

These headphones are available in five colour options and are a perfect blend of sports and fashion. The sand-blasted metal accents makes the headphones look elegant as well as stylish. The earphones come packaged with the MySound companion app that lets you tweak the EQ and customize it to your own personal preference. Though, it would be best if you forget about your hope to get that mind-blowing thump that you love as these are small in-ear headphones, not an over-ear type one.

Jaybird Philippines: Quality Audio Performance for Active Lifestyles

Satisfy your need for music while you exercise with these awesome headsets from Jaybird. With its wireless connectivity, comfortable fit and superb audio output, you will definitely enjoy your favourite tunes while you run or use the workout machines. If you are not into sports, here are other audio brands that you can have a look at: