JBL is a popular electronics brand that offers impressive Bluetooth speakers. If you want the best features for your speaker, here is a guide to get you started. You can also check out the latest JBL Bluetooth speakers below.


Top JBL Price List 2021

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JBL Xtreme ₱ 8,499.00 Shopee
JBL Charge 3 ₱ 299.00 Shopee
JBL Charge ₱ 15,051.47 Amazon
JBL Flip 3 ₱ 3,026.00 Shopee
JBL Pulse 3 ₱ 8,796.00 Shopee
JBL Go ₱ 1,095.00 Lazada
JBL Flip 4 ₱ 4,800.00 Shopee
JBL Charge 2 ₱ 219.00 Shopee
JBL Clip 2 ₱ 2,400.00 Lazada
JBL Charge 2 Plus ₱ 258.00 Shopee
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JBL Xtreme

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Features to Look for in a Bluetooth Speaker with JBL

Today, there are tons of options for Bluetooth speakers in the Philippines which makes choosing difficult. Fortunately, here’s a guide that will help you understand what features to consider when it comes to speakers.


This is one of the features that many shoppers never fail to overlook. Who doesn’t want a Bluetooth speaker with an inferior mic and speakerphone functionality? These components are very helpful whether the speaker is placed on your desk or on the poolside outdoors where you need to answer a call.

Multiple Speakers

Many brands like JBL offer speakers with an ability to connect with multiple speakers. Their Flip 3 variant can be hooked to a second speaker for stereo sound. This feature is something you’d want to consider if you’re planning to get multiple speakers.

Battery Life

Today, you don’t see a lot of Bluetooth speakers wielding a heavy battery so it’s important to keep this in mind. If you are in the market for a speaker that you can take with you on long trips, you might want a model that has at least a 4-hour battery life. This is because you don’t get access to an outlet where you can charge your speaker.

USB Output

Like battery life, this should be given importance as not all Bluetooth speakers have this. Not to mention, if your handset is running out of battery, you can charge it through its USB port.


Connecting Bluetooth speakers is a breeze but if you want to save the trouble of configuring your settings and play music right away, then it’s best to get a speaker with an NFC feature. NFC or Near Field Communication lets you connect to compatible devices by just simply tapping which is very convenient.

Waterproof protection

A good Bluetooth speaker should not only be portable but also something you can bring near water. Although a majority of electronics don’t mix well with water, there’s, in fact, a surprising amount of Bluetooth speakers that can be submerged and have a waterproof protection. If you want a speaker that you can bring near the poolside or at the beach, then waterproof protection is one of the things you should consider.

3.5 mm input

Compared to other factors, a 3.5mm input is not really that important. However, if you have a non-Bluetooth device, then you might have to think twice. Previous audio devices like iPods do not have Bluetooth so you need to connect them with an audio cord. Do not worry though because most speakers have a 3.5mm input, but it’s still important to double check.

Covers and cases

Whether you’re hiking, lounging on your couch, or taking a shower, whatever your reasons for buying one, it’s important that you add extra protection to it by using a case or cover. But first, you need to figure out how often you are using the device and go for the one that suits your needs. That way, it will narrow down your options.

Other things to consider

Frequency response

Like in many headphones, frequency response measures the ability of the speaker when producing sounds. You can find this number on the packaging or the product’s details on the website, which is measured in Hertz (Hz). A frequency response of 100 Hz-20,000Hz is the acceptable value. The 100 Hz denotes the lowest frequency that the speaker is able to produce, while the 20,000 Hz is the highest frequency. Also, the smaller the build, the more limited the range it produces because of physics. This is because it’s hard to get a loud sound out of a small speaker.

Stereo Sound

You usually hear various instruments when you listen to certain tracks. Some songs have a guitar sound coming out from the right speaker while loud tunes are on the left one. This is what you call stereo sound; you hear one sound in one ear and a different one by the other.

This is a pretty nice feature that improves the depth of the track, though that doesn’t always work perfectly with portable Bluetooth speakers. One of the many reasons why this is hard to achieve is that a speaker requires more than one driver for it to work. Since many Bluetooth speakers are portable, they only use one driver, in turn, producing a sound only coming from one direction. In addition, the drivers of speakers should be a little apart so that you can hear distinctions of the sounds.

Bluetooth version

At this point, Bluetooth v.1 is already obsolete. Most speakers these days come with a 4.0 Bluetooth version, though version 2.1 is still being used. Also, existing Bluetooth versions come with an Enhanced Data Rate that enables a larger amount of data to be transmitted per second between devices, resulting in good quality sound. If you want a speaker with advanced Bluetooth features, JBL Philippines has top-of-the-line devices with Bluetooth versions above 4.0.