Give your outfit a unique touch with our array of charms in the Philippines that would definitely bring out your individuality. Whether if you’re a newcomer in the world or charms or want to pick up a new hobby, read below to learn more about purchasing this item of jewellery.

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A guide to purchasing charms for your bracelet

There is a long history on charms and they were used to worn as a way to deter evil spirits and bad luck back in the days. While charms are said to bring you good luck, it is unlikely that it has any mystical power. Charms and charm bracelets are available in a variety of styles, materials and, of course, pricing. If you are looking to start your own journey with a charm bracelet, here are some things that you will need to know first. There should be a personal attachment towards the charm.

Appeal factor

When it comes to purchasing charms, it should be something that appeals to you. Many people have the assumption that just because a charm is lucky, they purchase it for the sake of it being auspicious. However, it would be advisable to choose something that you feel connected too as well as make you feel good.


Other than the appeal of a charm, it should also bear something meaningful. It should be an object that has a personal significance and connection to your own history. If you opt not to buy a charm, you can also find objects from your past to be used as a meaningful lucky charm such as a piece from your childhood holidays or toys.

Good luck charms

Pick a similar charm that has previously given you good luck. For the majority of people, their lucky charm may come from having good luck while owning it.

Other tips for buying charms

First and foremost, ensure to select your bracelet before you purchase any charms. As there are different types of bracelets out there (e.g.: leather, Pandora-type European bracelets, and traditional chain charm bracelets), so the charms would go on differently as well.

Secondly, check your skin tone before you purchase a charm bracelet as different metals match different skin tones. For people with cool toned skin (pink/red undertones with mostly blue veins), make sure to go for silvery metals. For people with warm toned skin (yellow/gold undertones with mostly green veins), then gold or bronze metals would be more suited to your skin.

When buying charms for a loved one, make sure that you know everything about the person before making a purchase. Colour is only one aspect of personalizing the bracelet (though it is no less important). From hobbies to favourite animals, it is best you make a list of everything you know about the person before making a purchase.

While adding colour does make the charm bracelet look more interesting, make sure that you don’t mix metals. Meaning, keep silver charms with silver bracelets and gold charms with gold bracelets. Unless, say the charms are silver with gold details, then it is fine to mix the metals.

Some charm bracelets do not come with the option of having interchangeable charms, it is still alright to buy loads of charms to add on to your bracelet. After all, a charm bracelet is all about your style and individuality. So don’t be afraid to flaunt it.

Charms are not only for women as men can rock them too! Choose from our array of Swarovski, Pandora or Soufeel for quality charms at affordable prices.

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