Headbands are incredibly versatile; keep your hair out of your face or use it as a way to vamp up your hairstyle, find out more here on ways to wear them!


Headbands for Every Hairdo in Philippines

Headbands have been utilized as one of the many ways to spruce up a hairdo. Not only to be used as a fashionable hair accessory, it doubles as a convenient way of keeping your hair out of your face. Simple and easy to use, headbands these days come in a variety of design and style. Ranging from thin stretchy fabric ones to some laden with flowers to even a turban style, headbands have been growing alongside the fashion world and now encompasses a range of many different styles and design for you to choose from.

The Beaded Headband

For a dressier occasion, girls are normally stumped with not knowing how to glam up their hairdo. Even more so for those who normally have curls on a daily basis, not knowing how to spruce your usual hairdo up can be quite of a hassle. Instead of paying a hair salon to do it for you, simply put on a beaded hairband for an instant uplift. Versatile enough that they can be used when your hair’s up or down, the beaded headband can be a girl’s best friend. As an option for a black tie event or even for a formal dinner, start by gathering your hair into a messy bun. Use some hair spray to keep your hairdo in place and finish up with an elegant beaded headband for a glamourous on-point look.

The Flower Headband

Needing to achieve the bohemian princess vibe for your next music festival? Achieve this in a jiffy by slipping on a flower headband. Widely available everywhere, the flower headbands, otherwise known as flower crowns, come in a variety of shapes and colours. If you’re bold enough or need that extra flamboyant flair, go for the big brighter flowers but if you’d like to “test the waters” first, there are many options with smaller flowers instead. Simply style these with a head of soft loose curls for that extra princessy vibe!

The Simple Practical Headband

For a simple no-nonsense I-just-want-my-fringe-off-my-face headband, there is actually a wide variety for you to choose from. Among the options are simple plastic headbands and elastic headbands. Great for work out sessions, simply slip an elastic headband from the top of your head all the way down to your neck making sure it is under your hair. From there, just pull the front of your headband to the top of your head and push the sides of the headband behind your ears. As an alternative, you can gather the rest of your hair into a ponytail for a completely sporty look!

Philippines Headband Alternatives

Despite the various designs and styles that headbands can be found in, there are times when the feeling of something behind our ears get uncomfortable. When this happens, consider investing in Philippines hair clips instead!

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