No matter how intricate your hair style is, sometimes your hair can still be too drab. Hair pins allow you to spice up your hair for that special occasion without using any unnecessary styling products. Whether it’s your wedding or a formal, grand ball, hair pins has become a necessary hair accessory. Read about the different ways to style your hair with hair pins here.


Different Ways to Rock Your Decorative Hair Pins in Philippines

Your hair is not complete without little decorative hair pins tucked in here and there. We’re not talking about the good ol’ black bobby pins but hair pins with embellishments like gems, crystals, or decorative flowers. Not only will they hair pins help your hair stay put throughout the day, they’re also incredibly cute and stylish, perfect to be worn for any special occasions.

For the hairstyles below, you’re recommended to use a little bit of hairspray or styling gel if you’re planning to keep the hairdo for a long period of time. Other than that, use the hair styling products that you use daily before attempting these hair styles.

Double Twist Strands

For a simple, 5-minute hair style, simply take a few strands from the front and twist it backwards. Do the same thing on the other side and connect the two twisted strands at the back of the head. Twist the two strands together and secure it with a decorative hair pin. For a more intricate style, you can braid the strands instead of simply twisting it to give it more definition.

Braided Bun Up-Do

Braided buns are suitable for weddings, galas, balls, and other formal occasions. First, put your hair up in a ponytail with a hair tie. Then, braid your ponytail using the classic three-strand technique. Afterwards, make a hole above the hair tie and insert the braid through the hole. Keep folding it through until you can form a bun and secure the braid with normal bobby pins. After the bun is formed, decorate it with your favorite hair pins.

Classic Fishtail Braid

If you want to bring out your inner Elsa from the movie Frozen, you can do so by braiding your hair in the fishtail style. There are two types of fishtail braids: the regular fishtail and the French fishtail. The former starts at the nape of your neck while the latter starts at the crown of your head. The technique for both styles remains the same, starting with dividing the hair into two sections. However, for the regular fish braid, it is advisable to put your into a ponytail first for easier braiding process. Begin weaving the hair together, and once it has formed the fishtail braid, insert your hair pins. To look like you have snowflakes cascading on your braid, insert multiple hair pins with white gems every few inches along the braid.

These three hairstyles can be worn to both formal and casual settings and t level up or down the formality, just play around with the hair pins and accessories. For instance, more extravagant hair pins with diamonds and pearls are suitable for formal events while simpler gemstones for casual occasions.

Still not enough? Use other hair jewelry like headbands and fancy hair ties to glam up your look.

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