For a country like Philippines, girls often have their hair up to combat the hot and humid weather. Read more here on the simplest and yet most popular style variations that you can tie your hair in.

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Hair Ties in the Philippines

Especially in an all-year-long hot and humid country like Philippines, knowing how to tie your hair is of utmost importance since we tend to sweat if we are outdoors for too long. Even better yet, is knowing various styles to tie our hair into – changing our look for convenience sake as well as for purely fashionable reasons. Written below is a guide on a few basic and fashionable ways to tie your hair utilizing some basic and important hair tools you’ll need to achieve these looks.

The Ponytail

One of the most basic and iconic hairstyles, the ponytail continues to be one of the most popular choices for ladies of various ages. Simple and useful, this style is worn to sports events to keep the hair out of the face or worn under a cap to achieve a sporty look. Simply swoop up your hair in a single bundle in whichever height you prefer before securing it with an elastic band like the 10pcs Girl Elastic Hair Ties Band Rope Ponytail Scrunchie Bracelets. Opt for a high ponytail if you want an edgier vibe and a lower one for a more demure look.

The Pleat

Also known as the pigtails or braids, this style is also commonly found on the heads of most girls and ladies. The simplest known pleat is by dividing the hair into three equal sections and crossing the right section over the middle section followed by the left section over the now new middle section and repeating this process until it reaches the end of your hair length. You can secure it with a thin rubber band or an elastic band that comes with a decorative ribbon like the 59 Seconds Set of 2: Faux Pearl Elastic Hair ties to make it look more put-together.

The Half Ponytail or the Half Pleat

To achieve the ultimate girl-next-door look, you can try this simple hairstyle. Simply flip all your hair to the back and gather only half of your hair starting from the top of both sides of your ears. From there, you can either choose to secure it with something like Romwe Black Beaded Elastic Hair Ties or divide it into three equal sections to pleat into a smaller braid before finally securing it with an elastic hair tie. To spruce it up, decorate your hair-do with a tiny ribbon hair clip to complete the girly look. Another option is for you to curl the remaining hair using a hair curler for an even more romantic get-up.

The Inside-Out Ponytail

As a variation of the ponytail, this hairdo is actually a lot simpler that it looks. Begin with a ponytail no higher than the middle of your head and secure it with a black rubber band. Using your fingers, make a middle hole parting BEFORE the elastic hair tie, loosening it slightly if you have to. Now, with your other fingers, simply flip the ponytail INTO that middle hole parting and pulling it all the way through. Ta-daaaa! You’re done and your friends are sure to quiz you about your new chic hairdo!

More Hair Decorative Here in the Philippines

For more decorative hair clips and jewellery to further spruce up your hairdo, you can explore your options here on the hair pins page!

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