This piece of jewelry came crawling back all the way from the 90's and into our jewelry collections. They're an essential piece to this generation's daily wear. Wanna know more about chokers? Read more about it here.

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Stay Chic with Chokers Philippines

Try to look around you. Wherever you are, it’s a guarantee you will see at least one person wearing a choker. This type of necklace is easy to wear and it rests comfortably on your neck. It doesn’t get in the way like some long necklaces tend to do and not as flashy as your typical gold necklaces or jewelry. You can even DIY your own choker necklaces from unused fabrics and laces. Below are some fun facts about this iconic and timeless jewelry.

Chokers Philippines: How chokers came about

What's so great about millennials is their ability to revive dead trends and make it viral. The trend of wearing choker necklaces was believed to be popularized by royalties and revolutionaries throughout the 17th, 18th, and 19th century. But if you’re asking when exactly did the trend of wearing chokers start, then you’ll have to look way back to civilizations. In Ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia, chokers were worn to protect the neck, similar to how Ancient Egyptians use eyeliner to protect their eyes from the sand. Women then started to customize their chokers with colorful beads and zig-zagged spacers in between. They also believed that wearing chokers, and jewelry in general, will give you mystical powers.

Then, chokers have been going in and out of trend for the last couple of centuries. When it started being trendy again in the 1990’s, royalties stopped wearing them, and in turn, you could find teenage girls donning a choker in your local mall. The trend stopped, however, and it didn’t become popular again in mid-2010’s. Thanks to celebrities like Rihanna, Cara Delevigne, and yes, the Kardashians, chokers are now millenials’ favorite type of necklace. Chokers now have more variations in terms of material, thickness, and pattern, also raising the level of comfortability that Ancient Egyptians and royalties didn’t have.

Chokers Philippines: Chokers for everybody. Literally.

When one thinks of jewelry, one generally associates it with women, and that’s the case for chokers as well. However, chokers are not just for your pets anymore. They’re now worn by so many people from all kinds of backgrounds because of its versatility and comfort. From your typical teenager to social influencers, almost everyone will surely own this type of necklace. But did you know several sellers have created chokers specifically for men? Of course, like women, men have been wearing protective neck gear since decades ago. Men’s chokers usually come in the shape of a chain or with leather straps, perhaps to increase masculinity. Although many of them do resemble women’s choker in terms of style and materials. For example, you can find velvet and floral men’s choker (the latter usually comes in black to maintain masculinity).

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